We’re Moving!

We are pleased to announce that the Mega is moving! The reason behind the move is the Townsville Showgrounds have been scheduled to undergo building works, and we were advised that it was a possibility the premises would not be ready in time for us. The Committee searched for another suitable location that was available over the Easter period and suited the vast amount of activities we have planned, with negotiations finally complete we are pleased and excited to announce our new home at Cluden Park.

S19°19.163 E146°49.338

Cluden Park is a heritage-listed, multipurpose venue uniquely placed as the home of horseracing in North Queensland. The host of signature social events in Townsville, including the iconic Townsville Cup. Cluden Park is located on private, lush acreage of impressive proportions featuring distinctive nineteenth-century architecture with a modern aesthetic. A haven away from the hustle and bustle for family-friendly events, Cluden Park offers a setting like no other.

The Cluden Park landscape is a highly flexible venue with unlimited potential; from weddings to festivals, corporate functions and indoors and outdoors celebrations. It is an ideal venue for our event, affording us the space we need for all the fantastic activities we have planned.

Sitting at the foothills of Mt Stuart, Cluden Park is ideally located at the crossroads of the Bruce and the Flinders Highways, but is only a short, 12-minute drive from the CBD.

We have secured sole access, to the Cluden Facilities for the Easter weekend including a large undercover area (Party King Grandstand), the Trackside Marquee and the Fig Tree Lawns. Have a closer look at https://www.cludenpark.com.au/  In case you were wondering pets (on leads) are also welcome at Cluden.

As this is a premier racing track with training being held each day there will be some access restrictions in place including no access to the site from midnight to 8:30am each day or access to the track itself.  Unfortunately, due to these and other significant restrictions that would be placed to onsite campers over the weekend, we have decided that in the best interest of our traveling and camping geocachers that will not be pursuing onsite camping for the Townsville Mega Event.  We have made contact with two caravan parks located within a short distance to the site and they have confirmed they have availability over the easter holiday period.   Please mention you are part of the Mega event if you would like to be grouped with other geocachers.

Discovery Parks Townsville 6 University Road (Bruce Highway), Wulguru. Tel: 07 4778 4555 https://www.discoveryholidayparks.com.au/caravan-parks/queensland/northqueensland[1]townsville/info#content

Townsville Gateway Holiday Park 88 Minehane St, Cluden. Tel: 07 4778 2412 https://www.hampshiretouristparks.com.au/caravan-holiday-park-townsville/

The Shop

With the announcement of our new location being made we are pleased to also open our shop where you can purchase an event shirt, Geocoins, pathtags and other Event specific merchandise.  You can visit the shop at https://cacheqld.onlineweb.shop/ Please be aware that orders will close on March 25th this is to allow time for final preparations and transport to the event and all orders are to be collected at the event. 

Things to Note:
Purchases other than coins and tags are non-refundable as these are made to order.
Once the pathtags and coins sell out there will not be any more ordered.
To add your name to the order you need to click additional details, at the top of the page when at the checkout.
You need to provide your own tracking code

What to do next….

Log a will attend at GC9BVWD if you haven’t already, check out our shop to purchase your event merchandise and start planning your trip. Don’t forget to keep an eye out here for all future updates. We are excited to welcome you at Easter!

CacheQLD Geocache of the Year 2021

And the results are in! After a solid bunch of nominations, we have selected a winning cache for each category, along with a couple of honourable mentions. It was great to see nominations all across Queensland! And to the results… THE WINNERS ARE:

Traditional Cache
GC9860T The Puzzling Trail – Bookcache, by JQTB 
This is really a win for the entire series, as we had multiple nominations for different caches. But we selected this cache specifically as the best of the best.
Honourable Mentions
GC9BYA9 SIMON Wants To Play A Game, by drrnrchr
GC95XM2 ☠️DGS☠️ Mt Spec Tin Mines, by Dirtbags Downunder
GC95PPP Up in the trees…🌳🎣 No.1, by Stephyy

Mystery Cache
GC96MM0 Locked Out, by Orange Crew
A puzzle based on an old classic, but a great container and hide!
Honourable Mentions 
GC97455 Armchair Explorer, by burgo78  
GC9EBBK Paroo 4WD Night Cache, by hatzofff
GC9JFFF Gobbledygook, by smallwombat  (this is a great puzzle!)

Multi Cache
GC8YHNG  Oh Gee! PVC On Mt. Mee, by Captain Terror
Lots of fun at every stage!
Honourable Mentions
GC9GR2Y It’s about the Real Estate, Mate, by BenM70
GC94K3E Signs of Civilisation, by oz bean counter

Earth Cache
GC91EQ2 Poohsticks, by CacheQLD
OK… we did not want to award ourselves here, but the nominations were clear that this was the best! And no rocks involved!
Honourable Mentions
GC97474 Hobwee Basalt, by Orange Crew
GC9DEZ5 Split Rock, by Liz and Bruce

GC9FDBC Tree of the Dead, by 1MinnieMoo
I have to admit, this cache is within 5km of my home and I have not collected it! But the nominations made it clear the container is special.
Honourable Mentions
GC9C49K G.E. & O. Cache, by Speedmistress
GC96R8B You’ve Got Mail in Dayboro (for the series), by CacheQLD  

GC96AE3 Rattle Along The Mary Valley, by AtTheLakeHouse
Great final location!
Honourable Mentions
GC95B5Y Its a BUG CACHE, by dahumbug
GC9B9HN Sky Blue-Reverse Wherigo, by TeamJLBL

Adventure Lab
Lost World Lookouts  by Herbz
Honourable Mentions: 
Post Office by WallabyWanderers
LOOKOUT! Charters Towers by Cachedin NQ

Congratulations to all the COs!

CacheQLD Geocache Awards 2021

We are pleased to announce the inaugural CacheQLD Geocache Awards for 2021.  These awards will highlight the best of geocaching in Queensland – whether the cache takes you to a spectacular location, requires a sense of adventure, or has an element of creativity that sets it above the rest. We hope this will encourage placement of a variety of high quality caches in the future.

Nominate a recently placed cache for the award by sending an email to admin@cacheqld.com.  Include your geocaching name and when you found the cache (no self-nominations!) and the reason why this cache deserves the award.  Eligible caches will have been placed in the previous 12 month (after 1 Dec 2020).   We will take nominations in for the following categories:

  • Traditional
  • Mystery
  • Multi-Cache
  • EarthCache
  • Letterbox Hybrid
  • Wherigo
  • Adventure Lab

Sorry to the owner of the one Virtual cache placed in the last 12 months!  There is a nomination limit of one cache in each category per nominator – please send each nomination in a separate email.

Nominations are open until the 21st of December, with winners announced early 2022.  Judging will be performed by a panel from CacheQLD.

For The Adventurers

If your idea of Geocaching has been inspired by Indiana Jones and the Goonies then you won’t be disappointed in Townsville. For the adventurous there are caches on local peaks and trails, around bays, on cliff faces, up trees, underground and even underwater. 4WD’s, boats, kayaks, climbing gear, tree fishing poles and ladders have all been employed around the region. There’s even one hide that requires both a boat and a ladder (GC7P58W).

For the hikers, Townsville is surrounded by some magnificent national parks and challenging bush walks. Close to the city, the Town Common and Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park offer beautiful, varied vistas of the islands and the lagoons and creative caches to collect (Breaking Bad Series.) Head north to Paluma and step back in time, visiting abandoned mine shafts at Wolfram Mines (GC8FV0Q) and Mt Spec Tin Mines (GC95XM2). Wander through the disused train tunnels of Hervey Range at GC8BM2M (Hervey Range Train Tunnels) and GC8T4VD (Palm Tree Creek Tunnel Vision) and climb the Rock (GC1RR6C) to be rewarded by 360 degree views of the area. The Pinnacles offer a handful caches along a very challenging hike with the final destination, South Pinnacle 700m asl (GC7T1EY) being the most remote. Mt Halifax Peak (GC9104J) is the tallest and steepest climb in the region at 1063m and provides arguable the toughest challenge.

If you have access to a boat, then Magnetic Island is a must. The 5 Beach Bay Series (GC6F8QP), Bay Explorer Wherigo (GC8E6H0) and old 2006, Bay Rock Cache (GCV6DZ) can only be accessed by watercraft. If you time it right, then visiting the mangrove lined S.S. Adelaide (GC7V99M) wreck off the coast is possible on foot. Bring your snorkel or hire some scuba gear to dive down to the Moltke – Pirate Cache (GC6VGM0) to seek a real sunken treasure chest. If you have more time for exploring, then the Palm Island Group offers an unspoilt archipelago to uncover. Search a WW2 Catalina wreck on a deserted island to uncover its ‘black box’ (GC6WM4D).

The mouth of the Ross River and the Bohle River also have plenty of hides on offer. As mentioned previously the Bohle even has one that requires a boat and a ladder (GC7P58W). There you will also find the letterbox – Tidal Choice (GC6GQ5R), which can alternatively be attempted on foot at low tide if you’re brave enough. Just don’t forget your baseball bat in case you encounter any big green lizards. *Please be advised that estuarine crocodiles have been sighted in the Bohle and the saltwater section of the Ross and a kayak is strongly discouraged in these sections.

If the only watercraft you have to hand is a yak, there’s still plenty to do. The freshwater section of the Ross, towards the dam has a good number of hides to fill your day in a very picturesque location.

If you want a real challenge, then GC_Diver’s Ross River Challenge Multi (GC8TTGY) will certainly require some effort (and also a drone) to claim the justified 5/5 rating.

If the Hervey Range tunnels are too tame for you then burgo78 has three more offerings, The claustrophobic Tunnel Vision 1 (GC75XMP) and 2 (GC7C8GZ) in Bushland Beach and the Adventurers Challenge (GC89VKJ) along the Ross. BenM70 also has the fantastic Cowabunga Dude (GC8G52B) deep in the heart of the city.

For the monkeys head to Anderson Gardens for Natures Spiral Staircase (GC7H2GK), Ropes Required (GC8YDNB), 99% Monkey Challenge (GC8RWMG) and the dauting ‘Fear Factor 5’ (GC82QQZ). If you’re interested in something a little different then try clinging to the side of a bridge on (Not) out of (h)arm’s reach (GC80EQ7).

If you have ropes then be sure to seek out T5 on the hill (GC7WBXY) by Karicka and Fortunate Favours the Brave (GC8F1F3), as both will have you hanging off the side of iconic Castle Hill. The Strand Pier (GC5N1Z4) is another popular point from which you can hang from in search of a smiley. At night is the best time to attempt this one.

In Plain Sight (GC702VA), Danger! Danger! Danger! (GC8TWNQ), Climb a Billboard (GC8E0VJ) and Helter Skelter (GC97F2V) all require a ladder, and the nerve to climb while being watched by passing traffic.

Tree fishing is a relatively new to the region with more planned before the event. Geocaching is Free (GC8DKHC), Just Hanging Around (GC8JJAK) and Sanctum Reserve Fishery (GC91X29) are just three of this expanding sub-genre.

Fancy some fun in the mud then head to the Bohle salt pans to pick up the Boneyard Series (GC94PJV). Just be careful as to how far you push your vehicle as you may end up stuck in this vehicle graveyard.

If these sound like they are up your alley, then check out this Bookmark List for the links to these caches and more.

Ross River Power Trail

Townsville is blessed with a great river, and some fantastic cycling/walking trails that follow almost it’s entire length. What better way to encourage cachers to get out and explore these trails but to line them with caches, to form Townsville’s first Power Trail.

First started in 2013, the RRPT stretches 28km from the mouth of the Ross River all the way to the Ross Dam, and boasts 99 hides along the riverbanks for walkers/cyclists plus a further 31 which can only be accessed by boat or kayak.

CacheQLD intends to add further hides, in addition to the 30 recently placed, to the power trail in the lead up to the Townsville Mega event at Easter 2022. These are filling in gaps on the northern bank, and populate the southern bank, creating a two 10km loops between Bowen Road and Nathan Street and Nathan Street and the Ring Road. With over 100 hides this should be ideal for cyclists.

Click on this link to visit a list of the RRPT caches
Click on this link to visit a list of the RRBPT caches
Click on this link to learn more about the Ross River Parkway

Tools of the Trade – Hire Options

Feeling Adventurous? Then check out these local hire companies if your TOTTs won’t fit in your carry on. (Prices correct at time of writing, and you should confirm prior to making a booking)

(Who kindly support our event)

Outer Limits Adventure Fitness
85 Chandler St, Garbutt
Kayaks (sit on top) – single $50/day, double $80/day,
Ocean Skis – $75-$120/day
Stand Up Paddleboards (inflatable) $25/day,
Bikes $30 per day
0421 484 211

Skin Ski + Surf
320-322 Flinders Mall, Townsville CBD
SUP’s $50 day, Bikes – Cruisers $30/day, Mountain Bikes $40/day, Electric Trikes
(07) 47726716

Townsville Boat Hire

Boat Hire or custom private tours
4.1m, 40hp, 4 person capacity, $190/day, 4.55m, 70hp, 4 person capacity,  $260/day
$50 launch and retrieval fee if you don’t have a towbar
0421 354 233

Get Around Island Boat Tours and Hire
Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island
0448 434 292

Pleasure Divers
Arcadia, Magnetic Island
Scuba Dive Courses and Hire. Snorkelling – Mask, snorkel, fins and stinger suit $25/day
Scuba – Full kit $70/day, Refresher Course $175, Introductory Dive $150 (no experience necessary)
(07) 4778 5788

Sealink – Magnetic Island passenger ferry
Adult return $34, Concession return $17, Child return $17
1300 MAGGIE (1300 624 443)

Magnetic Island Car Ferry
Standard car up to 5.5m including passengers return $240 (Easter weekend) $216 (standard)
07 4796 9300

Mini Moke Hire
Magnetic Island
07 4758 1111

Event Information

Today we just have a quick post to alert you to some information sessions that are happening over the coming weeks and an update on the merchandise and camping.

Information Sessions

Cairns Info SessionGC9GCPE
Saturday 24th October – 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Tasmania Info Session (Hobart) – GC9HD9D
Saturday 30th October – 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Southside Info Session (Brisbane) – GC9HEBR
Sunday 31st October – 11:30am to 12:00am

Gympie Info SessionGC9HH1A
Sunday 7th November – 9:30am to 10:00am

Brisbane Info SessionGC9HH1G
Sunday 14th November – 9:30am to 10:00am

Toowoomba Info SessionGC9HH1X
Sunday 21st November – 9:30am to 10:00am

Northside Info Session (Brisbane) – GC9HH1Y
Sunday 28th November – 4:00pm to 4:30pm

Gold Coast Info SessionGC9HH26
Sunday 5th December – 9:30am to 10:00am

We are hoping to get to more locations as the states open up, but this can be a tricky thing to navigate at the moment.  If you can and would like to host an information event in your region, please send us an email at admin@cacheqld.com and we can organise something with you.

Townsville Event

Geocaching Townsville are hosting a special event, ‘Come and Try Geocaching’ on Saturday 18th December, at Sheriff Park from 10:00am to 10:30am looking to encourage new players to the game.  This event will be featured in the Townsville ‘What’s On’ holiday guide and would be a great place to learn more about geocaching.


We expect the shop to be open for purchasing merchandise only from around mid-November.  We will have available a set of four pathtags, two geo-coins (blueprints below), a polo shirt, t-shirts, car flag and a variety of other made to order products.


There will be camping available at the Mega location, we are finalising some details due to some unforeseen changes to our original plan. As we did with the Dayboro Mega we will have a special post on the website with all the information regarding camping with a predetermined date and time when camping will be available for purchase.  This allows people to chat with their buddies and make plans.  We anticipate that date will be in December with the shop closed on that day until the nominated time, when everything will become available.

If have any questions and are not able to attend an event please send us an email at admin@cacheqld.com.

October Highlights

This month we welcome OzGeoker to the blog as they share with us their insights and local knowledge to geocaching in Mackay.  We share some photos from two small events to promote the Mega, pay our thanks to the Townsville Geocaching Community for their hard work at the recent Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser.  Provide a sneak peak of the Mega Pathtag set that will be available to purchase at a later date.

Caching in Mackay by OzGeoker

Mackay is situated roughly halfway between Rockhampton and Townsville.  There are over 450 caches within 50km of the city, with this figure growing monthly.

A fun adventure which may help visitors to get their bearings is ‘Mackay’s “Reverse Cache” Wherigo’ (GC6Q54Q). 60% of visitors have dropped a favourite point to attest to this.

Mackay city doesn’t have a lot in the way of high D/T hides but those that are can be a real challenge. Three puzzles that should be attempted are ‘The Imitation Game’ (GC6KGQA) ‘Do you really have the time?’ (GC6T60J) and ‘X – marks the spot’ (GC5X1YT).

Heading out of the city is where the real adventures begin.  You can see Platypus at Broken River, near Eungella (1hr 20mins), and a drive to Cape Hillsborough to see the wallabies and kangaroos on the beach at dawn are well worth a stopover.

Some caches of note on the way to Eungella are ‘Ye Old Pinnacle Town’ (GC4KRZ4) (53FP’s), ‘Finch Hatton Gorge’ (GC59N4X) (Earthcache) and ‘FREDDO’S GLASS and A HALF’ (GC3MRFW).

On the way to Cape Hillsborough, there are two caches that are worth a mention. ‘The Leap’ (GC6GFD3) which involves a climb to the top of a rocky outcrop and ends with stunning views and the Earthcache ‘Mount Jukes and the Neilson Leucogabbro’ (GC59QZP) which takes you in to the belly of a volcano.

The Cape Hillsborough area has a couple of caches worth the effort for those that enjoy a walk. ‘Finlayson’s Littoral Challenge’ (GCWWXE) and ‘Can you see the Turtles???’ (GC15YG0).

For those that like to get the numbers up quickly there are four power trails south and west of the city. 

The first is on the old Bruce Highway (Marlborough-Sarina Rd) honouring all of Australia’s Victoria Cross winners (102 caches) (GC8W2ZW).  The remaining three are for the RAN (45) (GC91AQ6), RAAF (107) (GC9EA7D) and Australian Army (201) (GC9G2GY) (still under construction).

No matter what your preference, there is sure to be something for everyone around Mackay.

Bunnings Fundraiser & Planning Event

As mentioned in September’s update CacheQLD was able to secure a fundraising spot for a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.  Our huge thanks to the Townsville Geocaching community helping to put on a great BBQ and raise funds to bring you an excellent Mega event. 

Information Events – Mackay & Darwin

During the school holidays the CacheQLD Team were able to host two small Information Events as part of their holiday travels.  Both events were attended by the local geocachers were plenty of information was shared, plans were discussed and made.  We look forward to welcoming our new Darwin and Mackay friends to Townsville in April!  Hopefully as we move forward to borders reopening, we can visit more locations and share information.

Burgo78 visited Mackay and met up with alphag_25, Rainforest Cookie, caitlyn1105, TMAC61, dandent, OzGeoker & BlackPearl26

JACS Team visited Darwin and met up with corunnaroad, Doodle Bug Oz, CAD 1, Monchichi1 and low1. 


The team have also been quietly working away on merchandise and today we received our order for the event pathtags!  Check out this little four set beauty! Can you get any cuter? 

If you were observant, you may have noticed the new official event shirts for Townsville as modelled in our two event photos – we’ve gone Orange!

Upcoming Info Event – Cairns

Friend of CacheQLD and local Townsville geocacher, greencordial, will be hosting an information event in Cairns on Saturday 24th October from 10:00 to 11:00am at the Esplanade. If you are in the area and want to learn about the Mega event in April or get more information on caching in the Townsville region drop your will attend on GC9GCPE.

September Highlights

This month we welcome Wazza&Kara to the blog as they share with us their insights and local knowledge to geocaching in Cairns.

Geocaching in Cairns

The capital of Far North Queensland offers many world class tourist destinations from the World Heritage Rainforest to the Great Barrier Reef.  With our beautiful tropical climate, especially between March and October, geocaching offers a fantastic opportunity to view our natural wonderland.

With 450 caches within a 50km radius of Cairns City, there are plenty of caches to locate and log especially for the more adventurous cachers.

Cairns’ region boasts the highest cache in Qld located on the top of Mt Bartle Frere (Qld – Top Secret GC11FJB) along with a trail of geocaches that climb the 900m + of Walsh’s Pyramid at Gordonvale finishing with stunning views out over Cairns at (GCR4QJ).

Many of the local geocaches allow for an outdoor hiking experience and located to the west of Cairns, the Atherton Tablelands, also provides opportunity to visit such sites as Mareeba, Atherton, Malanda and Tinaroo Dam to take in some tourist spots and pick up a cache or two.

All styles of caches can be found in the Cairns region with the four most favourited including Virtual (62 Cairns Esplanade Lagoon GC7B7WR), Puzzle (55 Chirping JaW GC3TTYJ), Traditional (50 Creation Windows GC2QKGM), Multi (50 Foreshore Walk GC2QHR9), Earthcache and Adventure Labs. 

For the sea loving cacher hides can also be located on Fitzroy Island (GC4WRC6), Green Island (GC69VG4), Michaelmas Cay (GC28PEV) and Low Isles (GC619MJ and GC64F09).

For the exceptionally adventurous, the Cairns region boasts some forgotten gems which have not been found for the last couple of years with those much-coveted higher terrain and difficulty ratings (GC20R9D, GC18ZZF, GC3M2Y6).

The Cairns Region has much to offer a visiting geocacher and is just a short flight from Brisbane or a pleasant drive north along the Bruce Highway from Townsville.  If you are planning to visit the Townsville Mega-Event, why not plan in a couple of additional days a little further north for some more great geocaching experiences.


If you happen to be around the Townsville region on Saturday 11th September, how about dropping in to the Townsville Central (Domain) Bunnings between 9 am and 3pm to grab one or two of those famous Bunnings snags and help raise funds for the Mega Event. CacheQLD would like to send a big thanks to our local volunteers, Mark Burgess (Burgo78), Jilly Singleton (ESCO), Ben Manning (BenM70), Chris Brunner (GC_Diver), Simon Brooks (CachedinNQ), Emily Potts (greencordial), Jason Potts (greyfire326), Michelle Orth (Orth71), Nicole hands (ANEHANDS), Ree Dunkly (ree8) and Nickie Clayton (mudbloods6) for manning the stand.

Townsville Information Event

If you are still looking for something to do on Saturday 11th aside from snacking down on those fundraiser sausages, why not pop along between 11:30 and 12:30 to the ‘Easter planning and prepGC9E6YN event to hear more about what’s happening over the Mega Event weekend and how you can get involved and help out.

Townsville Event News – August

Welcome to August! This month we are introducing a new CacheQLD friend, talking about Charters Towers and announcing some sponsorship for the event.


Remember Cal, our official CacheQLD mascot?

This friendly little guy was designed for the committee by none other than puzzle guru Cully Long.  Despite us geocachers knowing him best for his book “How to Puzzle Cache”, Cully is also very talented scenic designer, graphic designer and illustrator! 

Joining Cal in Townsville this year is Minty the crocodile! Both Minty and Cal are going to be hanging out with us on all our promotional material and can be found on some of our event pathtags and geocoins!

Last month we ran a promo on our Facebook group and then used a random number generator to select the winner. Congratulations go to Tim Williams! We will be in touch with your code for a one year geocaching membership.

Keep an eye out for more chances to win in the coming months!

Caching in the Towers

Following the Overlander’s Way, approximately 130km south west of Townsville, you’ll soon be upon the historic town of Charters Towers.  Once a booming Goldfield, the Charters Towers region now has new hidden treasures with more than 130 caches to be found.

Sometimes known as the ‘Bat Park’ Lissner Park in the heart of town is home to two of our Wherigo’s GC8VD3J GC8YT4N and an Adventure Lab so a great place to start learning about times gone by.

Cache your way north of town along Weir Road GC8TDN6 to the beautiful Burdekin River. Upstream from the weir you will find ‘Cachedin NQ’s’ We’ir series GC8ZQJN

Be sure to bring your watercraft and enjoy our glorious weather and water course.  With a Wherigo, an Earthcache, 2 Letterboxes, 3 Multicaches, 4 Puzzles and 11 Traditional caches there is sure to be something for everyone. 

Towers Hill is another popular caching spot. Perfect for taking in the views, reading about the history and picking up a few smilies along the way. At some GZs you will be caching next to abandoned mines so stick to the track and exercise care GC8N5T6

The Acacia Vale road is home to a short trail with differing containers some with room for swag. This trail is perfect for the bike enthusiast GC7E5DJ.

Between Charters Towers and Townsville is a little township of Mingella worthy of a stop. From here you can head south on to Ravenswood picking up some cute and quirky ‘Orth’ caches along the way GC9AMV6.  Continue on to Burdekin falls dam or head east and loop back to Townsville via Clare/Ayr GC3PP3D.

Traveling North towards Greenvale GC7EV64 will get you to Harvey’s Range road which eventually loops you back to Townsville via a gorgeous scenic route via the Heritage Tea Rooms GC1RR6C and various interesting caches including Harvey’s Range Tunnels which are a must visit and an iconic photo op GC8BM2M.

With so much to see and do be sure you include a trip to the Charters Towers region in your itinerary when attending the CacheQLD Townsville Mega Easter 2022.


Caching Supplies

Cache QLD are proud to be keeping it local to Queensland and announce that Caching Supplies have come on board for another CacheQLD event! They will be available onsite over the Event weekend.  We look forward to seeing them there, but in the meantime please check out their website.

What’s Next: Check back next month to see all the event updates and make sure you follow our Facebook page for any further competitions to be announced.

Townsville Puzzles & Challenges

In the lead up to the Townsville Mega we will be highlighting some of the ‘must do’ geocaches in the area. With new Geo-Art planned for the event, this month focuses on the puzzles and challenges in the area beginning with the existing Geo-Art.

Breaking Bad & El Camino Geo-Art Series

Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable, advanced lung cancer. Desperate to secure financial stability for his family – his pregnant wife and disabled son he turns to a life of crime.

This Geo-Art series of 17 mysteries and 3 letterboxes caches reference notable scenes from Breaking Bad’s eight seasons and the epilogue movie, El Camino. At GZ many of the hides require you to solve a themed field puzzle to access the log.

Caches in this series are placed just off walking or biking trails at regular intervals along the 11.5km Under the Radar trail and the 4.7km Lagoon trail in the Town Common and Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park.

During the walk you can expect to see expansive island views, sheltered beaches bordered by rocky headlands, deep-water lagoons, seasonal wetlands and coastal woodlands all feature in this park. Mangrove-lined tributaries of the Bohle River meander across the floodplains that fill each year during the wet summer months. Up to 280 bird species have been recorded in the area. Magpie geese, brolgas and many others gather here to feed and nest, particularly as the wetlands dry out and food sources become concentrated in the remaining lagoons.

This combination of theme, location and container has seen the series receive 432 logs and has garnered 237 favourite points. With a number of visitors from SEQ visiting specifically to complete the series.

Here is a sample of some of the logs.

Snickersallan – 12/2020
On a road trip from the Gold Coast with hatzoff, grannysmith1947 and RoddyC on Day 14 and it was time to tackled the long awaited Breaking Bad series that has come highly recommended to us.  Oh, my goodness, it’s been a long time since I have enjoyed finding such quality and quantity of caches in the one location, some we got frustrated with for longer than we should have but patience was the order of the day.  Really appreciated all the time, effort and expense that has gone into placing this series of puzzles and field puzzles by the CO, great brain exercise for us and worthy of a favourite point on the majority of the hides …

Willis007 – 10/2020
… A lovely walk around the reserve, such a beautiful day, the views are simply amazing.  I loved solving all of the puzzles in the series and have been very much looking forward to finding these caches.  I found the lab and after consultation with the bats I entered.  Cache soon in hand, ok this is easy. Oh, ok no it really isn’t.  Eventually I spied what I was looking for. EVIL EVIL EVIL. But so very clever. … Thanks burgo78 for the awesome puzzle, the cache and for bringing me here.  Another fav!

nature0nut – 11/17
I had solved some of these incredibly well thought out puzzles months ago not knowing if I’d ever visit Townsville but here we are! Breaking Bad is my favourite series of all time and I was so excited when I booked my flight to visit a friend and of course, GEOCACHE!  I was a bit daunted by the walk at first, but I knew I didn’t do it I probably never would have so I’m incredibly grateful I was joined by JACS Team and Mrs Sobrington! This entire trail has been by far my favourite! The consistency of creative keeping with the theme caches were phenomenal and I am so appreciative of the CO’s hard work and dedication.  Thank you so much for placing and maintaining these fun-filled caches and equally fun puzzles.

So, check out this list and get solving.  Allow a day to collect the series, you will not be disappointed, unless you forget your lockpicks!

Townsville Puzzles

There are currently 128 puzzles within 16km of the city. With more planned for the event, it is advisable to make a start on them now.  With a wide variety of DT’s, there is bound to be targets for even the seasoned cachers amongst us.

With so many to choose from, this post highlights 10 of the best.

1. The Breaking Bad series by burgo78
See above.

2. GC6NQC2 ‘A Box of Red Herrings’
One of only two in Queensland that has been awarded Geocache of the Week by Geocaching HQ. ‘A Box of Red Herrings’ is a field puzzle hidden with permission inside the Aitkenvale Library. It is not difficult to spot, but accessing the logbook inside is a challenge.

3. GC6ZNVE ‘Steps’
An online puzzle where you have to figure out the next step in the sequence, amending the website’s URL to progress. With the coordinates obtained you then have to climb the physical steps of Castle Hill to reach GZ.

4. GC4505D ‘Forest Rain’
A classic field puzzle amongst the tropical plants of Queen’s Garden’s, close to the city centre.

5. GC6PD07 ‘Borrowing from Irma Pince’
Another library cache which requires finders to search the shelves of the Kirwan Library.

6. GC49MQT ‘Mt Stuart Scenic Reserve – Bonus’
Enjoy a bush walk with spectacular views over Townsville from Mt Stuart, collecting clues from cute containers in order to find this bonus cache.

7. GC8KTCB ‘Adventure Lab Bonus – Townsville Icons’
Beginning close to the city’s heart at Victoria Bridge this Adventure Lab explores a number of Townsville icons at 5 locations along the banks of the Ross River. Collect the clues to find this bonus cache.

8. GC7EN23 ‘RRPT – TB Key Cache’
This mystery cache is at the listed coordinates however you will have to find the trackable TB6C390 first, which has the key to open the ammo can’s padlock and access the log. Difficulty and terrain will vary depending on where the key is located and the height of the river at the time of your attempt. 

9. GC8HXZT ‘Tanks for the View Townsville’
Perched above the city on Castle Hill, this fun field puzzle will surely bring a smile to your face.

10. GC9AFV3 ‘Leirum’s Lost Places World Tour’
A global tour of 10 interesting sites around the world from your armchair.

Townsville Challenges

Townsville has several challenges for visitors to seek out.

GC7JR20 ‘Caching Bingo Challenge’ 5/5
Based on PACMAN’s challenge, well-rounded cachers must achieve 5 geocaching milestones in a line to call “Bingo!”

GC89VKJ ‘The Adventurers Challenge’ 5/4.5
If you like mint tins in guard rails and nanos’s in the bush then this probably isn’t the cache for you. This challenge is for the Adventurers, for Indiana Jones and Bear Grylls wannabes. Find 100+ caches with a T rating or 4.5 or above then navigate approximately 200m along a drain to make the find.

GC8G04H ‘D/T/T Challenge’. 5/4
Find 250 unique D (difficulty), T (terrain) and T (cache type), then solve a dexterity, twist and turn field puzzle to obtain the log.

GC8Q03W ‘Completed Calendar Challenge’ 4.5/4.5
Complete at least one of the 3 finds calendars – Jasmer, found date or placed date. An ammo can awaits on a rocky cliff face overlooking the ocean for anyone that qualifies.

GC9586M ‘The Fizzy Challenge’. 5/5
One of the originals, complete the DT matrix then take a walk through mangroves before climbing to your prize.

GC97AFH ‘Diversity – 11 Type Challenge’ 5/3.5
Have found 11 or more different cache types before setting off on a pleasant bush walk.

GC8RWH7 ‘Townsville’s Golden Oldies Challenge’ 5/1
This one will take you on a tour of the region to find 10 of the oldest 20 geocaches in the Townsville LGA.

GC9584M ‘Townsville Region Challenge’. 5/3.5
You might need longer than a weekend to find 400 of the 800+ hides in the Townsville, Charters Towers, Burdekin, Hinchinbrook and Palm Island LGA’s.

GC8ZH5T ‘RRPT – Power Trail Challenge’ 5/2.5
Find 100 caches with the power trail attribute. If you don’t have enough, then be sure to hit the Ross River Power Trail (featuring soon).

GC8Z9VA ‘Brainiac Challenge’ 5/2.5
Easy for some, but difficult in this part of the world hence the D rating. Find 50+ D4.5’s or above.

GC8RWMG ‘99% Monkey Challenge’ 5/4.5
Find caches with the attributes; tree climbing, difficult climbing or climbing gear, totaling 50 or more. Then make your way up approximately 15m to the container.

GC93RPE ‘The Cheeky Ballerina Challenge’ 5/4
Nothing under a tutu! Find 500 caches with a DT of 2/2 or higher.

GC8E6NJ ‘Lonely Cache Challenge’ 5/2.5
Find at least 10 active caches of any type where the average days per find exceed 180. Be warned though your find might drop that number.

GC8DJ5V ‘Salty Seadog Challenge’ 4.5/5
Find 50+ caches with the boat attribute than sail to a very remote rocky outcrop in the middle of the ocean, climb the rocks and make the find. Simple.

GC8WR8K ‘7 Day Geocaching Streak Challenge’ 2/2
As the name suggests, have a geocaching streak of 7 days or more.

GC8Y79M ’31 Day Streak Challenge’ 2.5/1.5
Another that speaks for itself.

GC8T6PY ‘100 Consecutive Days Geocaching Challenge’ 4/2.5
And again.

Happy puzzle solving and challenge qualifying!

Why Townsville?

This month we are providing some great insights as to why Townsville was selected as the next location for the CacheQLD Mega event. Before we get to that, in what turns out to be some fantastic timing for geocachers in Brisbane and the surrounding regions, greencordial, who hails from Townsville, is holding an event GC9C2ET in Brisbane this Saturday the 26th June from 10-11am. A few of the Brisbane based committee members are planning on attending and are happy to answer some early questions you may have. In the meantime check out the Top 10 reasons for traveling to Townsville next April.

1. Location

Townsville’s location offers a great deal of flexibility in accessing surrounding areas. It’s possible for visitors to the city to “check off” bucket list items such as the Aussie Outback, the Great Barrier Reef, and World Heritage listed tropical rainforests all in a single trip.

2. The City

The once quiet coastal town has grown into a modern metropolis. The undisputed event capital of North Queensland and the largest urban centre north of the Sunshine Coast.

3. Growing our Game in Regional Areas

Prior to this event the furthest north a mega event has been in Australia was last Easter’s Dayboro event, over 1,000km away. The committee felt it was time to take the Mega experience even further north.

4. Easy Access

With direct flights from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns, Mackay and Mt Isa, nearly all bases are covered. Direct routes to Adelaide are scheduled to begin in August. Alternatively, visitors can use the nearby train station or arrive via their own transport.

5. Weather

With an average of 320 days of sunshine per year, Townsville truly shines.

6. Venue

The Townsville Showgrounds is in a very central location – 2.5km to the city centre, 3.2km to the Strand, 4km to the airport, 1.5km to the train and across the road from a major shopping centre and many restaurants. The site has excellent facilities, multiple pavilions and function rooms and approximately 175 sites for caravans and campers.

7. Muggle Friendly

Close proximity to the City, the Strand, Castle Hill, restaurants and shops means non-cachers will be easily entertained.

8. Cache Quality

With over 600 caches within 25km of the venue, over 800 with 110km and many more planned for the event you’ll need more than a long weekend to discover why the LGA has received more than 3500 favourite points.

9. Local Caching Community

The committee and the locals are extremely enthusiastic about showcasing this part of the world to the broader caching community. With a number of creative activities planned this is an event not to be missed.

10. Magnetic Island

Just a short ferry ride from Townsville, Magnetic Island offers the natural beauty and serenity of an untouched paradise. Rocky granite headlands and towering hoop pines stand sentinel over tranquil sandy bays on this rugged, mountainous island covered with open eucalypt woodlands and surrounded by coral reefs. Most of the island is protected as national park and features a 36 kilometre network of walking tracks which are noted for its abundant wildlife and varied history.

Still not sure? Then check out these links:

Townsville Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia



So, come and play in the Townsville sunshine this April by logging your Will Attend for the CacheQLD Towsville Mega GC9BVWD.