EarthCache Guideline Update

Announced today (11 Jun 19) by CathyH (lackey) in the forums there has been an update to the logging requirements for an Earth Cache. Geocaching HQ the Geological Society of America and the EarthCache Reviewing Team have worked together to make an update to the EarthCache Guidelines. The Help Center has been updated as well.

Effective immediately, photo requirements are permitted in addition to the regular logging tasks and not as a substitution. The standard for this photo requirement is consistent with the photo requirement for the new virtuals, in that a personal item can be used for those who do not want to photograph themselves.

The update should, according to HQ, make it easier for cache owners to monitor the integrity of the logs on their EarthCaches.

Excerpt from Acceptable Logging Tasks’
Asking geocachers to provide a photo of themselves or a personal item to prove they visited the site.  A personal item must be an option for those who do not want to photograph themselves.  This task is acceptable only as an addition to well-developed logging tasks, not as a substitution.

NOTE: A member of the geocaching community asked if the requirement could be retroactively added to their already published EarthCache. A response from CathyH confirmed that you CAN change your existing EarthCache listing to require a photo as long as the guidelines are followed.

Be Challenged in QLD

Who doesn’t love to be challenged in their caching, and here in Queensland we have quite a few challenge caches to keep you on your toes.

With a huge variety on offer there is truly something for everyone, for those who love to climb with ropes try GC7H9A7, if it’s boats that keep you afloat then this will be up your creek GC7FQJT. We have challenges for those who are a little bit loopy GC6MGTM and those even more loopy GC73Q3J.

We even have the Stats Hound Challenge Series created by Orange Crew just to the north of Brisbane. This series of 24 caches will certainly test even the most hardened cacher to meet all of the challenge requirements! Multi Bingo anyone? As an extra bonus it is presented in the form of Geo-art (my dream combo!)

Do you know how to cache spell? Are you sure? How about you check the month challenges created by Fangoski here’s a link to January to get you started. See if you can get through all twelve months of the year!

So you can see there is plenty of things to spice up your life, (there’s a challenge for that too)! If your interest has been piqued check the public bookmark that Crew153 maintains.

What are you waiting for, challenge yourself!