February 2020 – Newsletter 02

Well according to the official countdown on our website we are 13 months away! It’s actually 13.5 months but who’s counting!  Time is certainly going fast now and there is so much to do.  The committee has been very busy this month sorting out promotional items such as shirts, pens, trackables, geocoins, pathtags, & car flags.  We are also busily looking into sponsorship and working out some fundraising opportunities. Fingers crossed we will soon see a CacheQLD event popping up in a southern state.  So much stuff – let’s dig deeper in the what happened since January’s newsletter.

Fundraising – Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Can you smell it? The deep barbequey smell of onions frying on the hotplate.  Can you see yourself at Bunnings with one of these sausage sizzling gastronomy delights in hand – onions under the sausage of course! Wink wink. 

However, this time rather than eating you are wearing a rather fetching apron and working up a sweat all in the name of geocaching.

Fundraising through the popular Bunnings sausage sizzle is all the rage and the coveted weekend spots are awarded through raffle system.  CacheQLD have thrown our hat in the ring (or trackable in the ammo can) for one of these spots, so now we wait!  Recently we got a call asking if we could host a Monday spot.  Cue some serious jumping for joy, until we remembered we all have those dreaded Mon-Fri jobs which fund our weekend geocaching exploits!

So it’s time to turn to our community and see if anyone can help an organising team out.  Are you available on a weekday to help run a Bunnings sausage sizzle on the northside of Brisbane – maybe you can do weekends and wouldn’t mind putting your hand up should we manage to score one.  Please send us an email at admin@cacheqld.com to let us know when you would be available to give us a hand.

Fundraising – Containers for Change


This is a fabulous initiative and one we are keen to get on board with.  CacheQLD has an account set up and we ready to go for some serious can and bottle collecting.  We are more than happy to take any cans/bottles that are cluttering up your house that perhaps you just can’t quite be bothered to take to the recycling place yourself (this certainly describes at least two committee members – and perhaps how this idea came about).  Perhaps you’re out collecting a cache and you spy an old can or bottle just lying there and you decide to do a little bit of CITO.  But what to do with that icky can – give it to us!!  You are more than welcome to drop off these recyclables at the new regular Northside meeting. At least one of us will be there each month, the next one is on Wednesday 26 February!  However, rest assure we venture our further than just the Northside so if you have some bags of cans, give us a shout and we can arrange collection from an event in the South East Queensland region.

We are in the process of setting up a Community Group Scheme Account that will allow you to use our scheme ID to nominate CacheQLD to receive the funds as a donation.  Expect more details on this in March’s newsletter.

Pathtags – Backs

Firstly our pathtags backs are in and available on the pathtag website for your selection.  Big thanks to E Smiley for letting us know that she selected our tag back on her new pathtag! Can’t wait to see it in person, make a trade and secure the awesomeness of her tag.  Please consider using our back, not only will it promote geocaching in Queensland but will help us create an awesome event in April 2021.

Pathtags – Contest

Remember we are currently running our pathtag design competition where we are seeking a design that highlights our wonderful state or features our mascot Cal. The competition is open for another 6 weeks closing on 31st Marc.  We’ve had a few submissions, and heard whispers about a few more! We are loving the creativity and can’t wait to see more! Check out the Contest page for further details.

Sponsorship – Black Cat Creations

Black Cat Creations 

We are pleased to announce another local sponsorship and welcome Black Cat Creations to the team. This amazing local company (owned by a geocacher!) can print pretty much anything, onto pretty much anything!! Not sure about you, but the committee is eager to be drinking coffee with Cal on one of Black Cat Creations personalised coffee cups!
Facebook: Black Cat Creations
Instagram: 13blackcatcreations13

Public Map

The team have decided to put together a public map of the caches mentioned in our Monthly highlights.  This tool will help you to plan your trip and make the most of your time in the region. Click here to view the Cache Map.

What’s Next

The Brisbane Cycling Festival is on from March 12 – April 5.  So to celebrate we will be highlighting some of the great cycling tracks with of course, the caches that can be found along the way! So keep an eye out for our March Highlight post happening on the 1st March.

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