March 2020 – Newsletter 03

The Main Event

We have some exciting event news for you this month!  The committee has been in consultation with Geocaching Headquarters and we have been given permission to publish our event a year in advance!  Cue the excitement levels to go off the charts!!

Some time around April 3rd you should see the lovely little event icon pop up on the map! 

Here is the heads up on the GC code – GC8M4ZQ.  Once the listing is up we invite you to log a Will Attend.  You may or may not be aware that the qualification for an event to reach Mega status has changed, we now only require 300 will attends.  This is something the committee is striving for as we would love to bring Queensland its second Mega event.

Interstate Info Events

South Australia – GC8HVHZ
We have been lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to host an information event over the weekend of the GeoVenture Mega.  Our event is located in Beachport which is a beautiful coastal town located just 30 mins and away from the Millicent Mega site. We are meeting at the Pool of Siam which is a salt lake pool and is reported to be seven times more salty than the sea and is alleged to possess therapeutic qualities! The event takes place from 1pm to 2pm so plenty of time to drop in for chat.  (We have our eyes on a couple of good DT caches in the area!)

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Western Australia – GC8KVE1
Some members of the committee are taking a flying weekend visit to the Perth surrounds to complete some of their awesome Geo-Art – 4WD anyone!  While there we figured we would take the opportunity to not only enjoy a pub dinner but host a small event under the CacheQLD banner.  So if you happen to be in the Perth district on 4th April come join us at the Parkerville Tavern from 7pm – 7:30pm.

Local Events

Northside Meet-up – March –  GC8MF1R
Whilst not an official CacheQLD event you can be assured that every month at least one member of the committee will be in attendance if not four or five or all 8 of them!  If you have a pressing question or want to float an idea, please pop along and ask around, if you’re not entirely sure who’s on the committee, someone should be able to point them out.

At February’s event Ardom did a presentation on puzzle solving, which according to the Attended logs was very well received.  He has agreed to share his slides which you can view here. The next Northside meet up is booked in for March 25th at Bracken Ridge Library from 6-7:30pm.

Podcast Recording

Geocaching with Net88 & friends

This month we were excited to be invited by Net88 to record an episode for her podcast “Geocaching with Net88 & friends”. Our episode has Net88 interviewing JACS Team about the upcoming Dayboro event! It is due to be released in the early part of April so keep an eye on our socials for that link, in the meantime check out Net88’s other recorded episodes here:

Kab – Solo Overnight Hiking
Fangsoki – Adventure Labs
Pprime’ – Planning a Trip
Captain Terror – Hiding Geocaches

This will be a very exciting podcast to follow to learn more about geocaching and some of Queensland’s local geocachers, so make sure you follow along on your favourite podcast broadcaster.


Can you find the code?

Just a final reminder about the pathtag design competition that closes at the end of the month, so please submit those design to our email

Today we are launching a trackable contest as well, see if you can find our trackable code hidden somewhere in this newsletter.  Logging a discover on this will also see an entry in the trackable contest.

What’s Next?

Our next Highlights post is due to hit the website on 1st April, no foolin’ with that date.  Our focus for April is cleaning up our environment with CITO’s!

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