June 2020 – Newsletter 06

CacheQLD Going Green

With the unprecedented global events this year, and the message from this year’s World Environment Day, It’s Time #ForNature, it is clear that there has never been a more crucial time than now to take care of our planet.

CacheQLD believes that to keep our community healthy, we need to keep the planet healthy. As such, we have committed to reducing our environmental impact during the Dayboro event. What will this look like?

* Reduction of single use plastics
* Facilitation of day-trip car-pooling services onsite
* All registration packs made to order only
* Recycling available onsite, including a ‘Containers For Change’ drop off point.
* Products sourced from local vendors wherever possible
* Working with local council for CITO and bush regeneration experiences where available

Protecting our planet starts with us!
Have other ideas to help CacheQld go green? Send us an email at admin@cacheQLD.com

Your Cache QLD Committee


Hey, I’m Sheridan, the ‘S’ from JACS Team.  What started as a little family account is now just me with my family joining in on the odd occasion.  I started an account way back in 2005 it took a phone app and 11 years until I got my first cache on a 6 month holiday around Australia.  We were stuck in a Broome during a heatwave and thought we had done all the tourist things, when I remembered this little game of finding things.  We ended up learning so much more. Geocaching grew to be part of daily life for the rest of the trip.  We continued to find history, fun and hidden gems across the country thanks to geocaching. 

Once we were settled back at home, I finally braved my first event after chickening out of two other ones.  At that event I met people, from there introductions were made to others, now I have a little band of regular friends who I have enjoyed sharing some great adventures and milestones with.  I have a complete soft spot for letterboxes, challenges, geo-art, taking snaps and traveling on adventures.


I started caching in 2016, since then I have cached in 7 countries, and all the states and territories of Australia! Not bad considering I had never left Australia’s east coast before joining up! I believe caching has had a really positive influence on my relationships, and my environmental awareness. Traveling & caching with friends is definitely where all my greatest caching memories are.

Coming in a close second is sharing my excitement with others! I try to do this through socials as often as I have time for, and more recently through planning geocaching events! This is the third event I have been involved in and they just keep getting bigger and better! I can’t wait to see you in Dayboro!


I’m Allan and I started geocaching in 2015 when I found my wife’s GPS lying around the house – an incident that she now considers one of the greatest mistakes of her life. Since then I have found over 5000 geocaches and have travelled around Australia and the world in search of geocaches to fulfil oddball statistics, such as completing my D/T loop using only micro sized caches.

My geocaching highlights include collecting 1000 caches in four days on Yorke Peninsula, a FTF after a multi hour hike in New Zealand, collecting information for a virtual cache in Disneyland, and a visit to the Abbey Road webcam.


Amber is one half of Simber15 with husband Simmo. We started our geocaching addiction with a find in Canberra thanks to our caching cousin MrWindy. After hearing some of his adventures we eventually became intrigued enough to ask what exactly Geocaching was. This became a two-hour marathon lesson on containers, locations, hides and the sharing of local knowledge. Armed with a basic account we set out to find our first hide and I remember it took a lot longer than it would now! Within days we had upgraded to premium membership and have not looked back. We love the irony of a ‘free hobby’ that has seen us accumulate a caravan, electric scooters, kayaks, ladders, fishing poles and numerous other TOTT’s. We have cached up and down the east coast and have a few finds from out west. We are the proud owners of a number of creative hides and are currently planning a new GeoArt (watch this space!).

We have attended a few Mega events over the years and very much look forward to being involved in the development of our own local event! We hope to see you there. 


My name is Glenda and I cache as Ggoven, a name chosen by an old high school friend who introduced me to the hobby. For this I am very grateful as with my kids now all grown up, I have the time to pursue something that I myself enjoy.

Caching has given me the chance to face old fears such as vertigo and I am now keen on climbing mountains and also kayaking. I have met some amazing friends! My favourite part of the game are challenges as I love having a goal!


Hi I’m Semk.  I opened my caching account in June 2004 and learned the ropes of geocaching from GC dot com charter members. I have found over 7,000 caches in both hemispheres and made friends worldwide after meeting them at MEGA events. I first came to Australia to attend the first southern hemisphere MEGA in Wagga Wagga, NSW at the encouragment of SpinDocBob (RIP) — I liked Australia so much, I moved here permanently in 2011. I’m notorious for getting behind in my logs but use Cachly to try to prevent it now.

My favourite caches are on-site puzzles/gadget caches. I enjoy caching for its challenge, its outdoor environment, and the great group of people it seems to attract.  I am looking forward to CacheQLD Dayboro so I can once again see so many friends in one place over a great weekend of caching and talking about caching!

Orange Crew

Hi, I’m Kieran. I’m what you’d call the primary geocacher in Orange Crew, but the rest of the family also love to get involved when they can. We started in 2014 as a way to get the kids out and exploring more, but the obsession soon took hold for me more than it did for the kids.  We like bike riding, paddling, and bushwalking together, and I also enjoy doing some of the more adventurous things like longer bushwalks, mountain climbing and rope climbs.

We also enjoy hiding caches (including puzzles, GeoArt and challenges), which brings a sense of satisfaction when we read about the enjoyment of cachers finding our hides. Events are always high on the priority list whenever we can attend, as we get to meet other cachers and share experiences. We have been to 6 mega events in Australia so far, starting with the Queensland Mega in Stanthorpe back in 2015. Large events are always exciting, and we look forward to everybody coming to Dayboro and enjoying all there is to offer in this beautiful location.

Caching in Dayboro

We’ve mentioned before the three big Geo-Arts that are within the immediate vicinity of Dayboro: Pacman, We Heart Geo and the Geosaurus.  The committee have started to sprinkle a few more traditionals around the area and there are some other cache types popping up as well in the near future.  Thanks to Chasing Adventures there is even a new Adventure Lab in town with a very cute bonus cache as well.  We have started a bookmark list of CacheQLD caches which we will add to as we gradually release new caches.

What’s Next!

Next month see’s National Tree Day! We are going to feature heavily on trees with a great insight to tree climbing, both regular stuff and the technical side. We introduce our next Caching Kids who recently planted there adventure lab bonus up a big tree!

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