July 2020 – Newsletter 07

It’s a short and sweet update this as month we’ve been a little quiet as we hibernate through winter. Rest assured though that things are still progressing on Queensland next major event, mostly just the boring quiet behind the scene stuff.

Promotional Events

We are still a little way off holding a promotional event of our own, but if you are attending the Community Celebration event, ‘Geocaching Turns 20 – GC8K1KZ’, being hosted by Orange Crew on the 15th August, you’ll catch a glimpse of our very fancy banner that has been dying to make a public appearance. There will also be quite of a few of the committee members floating around if you want to hunt them down and ask some questions.


We are regularly publishing new caches in the Dayboro and region and surrounds. There are a few more out already just waiting for us to submit for publication, so please keep an eye for them. It’s good to see that there is already a lot of local love for the caches and we enjoy reading the logs hearing about how you spent your time in Dayboro.


We have completed our mock ups of our event pathtags and are just finalising the PMS colours and then will be sending of the design to be made into blueprints and then into production.


Now that COVID19 restrictions have been lowered in Queensland we are able to finally get back the showground and finish completing the work on mapping out the campground.

The Shop

Due to the current level of uncertainty in our Southern States with the pandemic we are a being a little cautious with opening our shop for campsite bookings. We still think there is plenty of time to wait and see how everything is going as we are 8.5 months away from the Big Day. We will leave bookings closed until at least September.

Currently the shop is still in construction mode anyway, but we are hoping to add items over the next month and we will make an announcement when it is ready to go.

What’s Next

August brings about International Geocaching Day, although not really international, but we might use this month to look further afield in Queensland and start to show off a few other great caching locations in this wonderful state.

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