Cache QLD – Event News 11

Well, we are fast approaching the end of 2020 and what a year it has been! A year of devastation, particularly for lovers of events both big and small, we have seen them one by one cancelled or postponed as the country dealt with COVID-19. While Queensland still has restrictions in place for holding events due to State Government guidelines, we are being optimistic that these restrictions might continue to ease and we can once again enjoy catching up socially with registered events.

On Sunday the committee met and reaffirmed that we should press on with our planning, surely packing a stadium with 49,000 people will mean that we can soon have outdoor gatherings with 100 people!

While we promised the shop opening in October we had understandable concerns about whether we would be able to go ahead with our event as we watched a second wave hit the country. The uncertainty of it all is crushing, but here we are and we need to press on from limbo land. So that all being said …

We are pleased to announce the new Shop opening date of 15th December.

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