Good news, we have the entire showground booked for our event and the team have been hard at work developing a site map for the showground, as one didn’t exist before!!!

I am sure you will agree the map looks fantastic, with an abundance of sites and different areas for all types of campers.

At the moment this is just a peek at what’s on offer and to orientate yourself with the site. So get chatting with your geo-buddies, work out your preferred area if you want to camp together.

The CacheQLD shop will open for camp bookings and the sale of merchandise from 7:00pm AEST 15th December. We will announce the shop address here first, so keep an eye out.

Aerial view of the showgrounds in use (minus Area 1). The local football and soccer grounds are to the front.

Area 1: is inside the main ring of the showground, with the camping all around the very level ring and a central drive circle with one main access driveway. Plenty of gates to the access the outer part.

To the very far right you can see the vans outside the ring in Area 3. The centre can also be used for unpowered camping (tents and caravans.

Area 2: is slightly raised and has central driveway. This area offers good access to the Main Hall, one of the new toilet blocks and most importantly the camp kitchen and laundry.

Area 3: is close to the main entrance and has a line of trees at the back fence. This area would offer the best for sneaky early exit point to climb those mountains and paddle all those waterways.

Excuse the wet, this was taken the next day after the storm.

Area 4: is located further area from the main area and will be perfect for a quieter location away from the main activity hubs. This site also allows for unpowered campers to mingle with their powered friends. Also this is the closest point to the walkway that connects the showground to Dayboro township.

Along the tree line to the left is the pathway to the centre of town.

Area 5:We have change this area as at 14/12, check the map for area of unpowered camping for van and tents.

Not a great photo, but to the right of the fence is the tent only area. We could fit one or two vans here if needed. You can see the old toilet block in the background.

Bathroom blocks: There are three bathroom blocks. The top block offers for the males three toilets and three showers with a disabled toilet, while the women have their choice of 5 toilets, 3 showers with a disabled toilet as well.

(No the showers aren’t leaning – just my bad photo :D)

The lower block offers for the males a single toilet and three showers, the women get three toilets and three showers. There is also a separate disabled bathroom with a shower.

The older block located near Area 5 has three toilets and 1 shower for women and one shower and toilet for the men. Please note that this block is old and will only open depending on campground numbers.

Camp Kitchen: This is a small space and will fit only 2-3 people at a time. However it is well equipped with a bar fridge, microwave, kettles, toasters, and a sink.

Camp Laundry: a small laundry facility with a single washing machine and dryer and two sinks. Each load costs $4. There is ample clothes lines at the back of the bathrooms.

Dump Points: There are two located in the grounds one near the top bathrooms and one near the lower bathroom. The lower dump point has driveway access for ease of caravans etc.

Thanks for looking over our campsite, we look forward to seeing you in Dayboro over Easter 2021.

2 thoughts on “Camping!

    • Hi Gary, thanks for your question. The Showground is fenced, but not like Queanbeyan as it is a very different type of location. This is your country showground and there are public entry points. We are asking that people be mindful of their own personal property and we will not be having formal security aside from volunteers on the main entry point during the day. This showground is regularly used by large events without cause for concern that you might find in a more urban setting.


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