March Update

Well, its less than one month until the Mega and things are moving fast! Just a quick update and a few reminders.

CWA Breakfast

If you are after a delicious breakfast that is prepared for you over the weekend of the Mega than look no further than the offerings of the Dayboro CWA.  On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning they will be offering a choice of three pre-paid breakfast options. Breakfast will be served from 6:30am to 8:30am with two takeaway options and one sit down meal. To assist with catering and the organisation of volunteers it is available through pre-order only.  All the options are available to view and purchase from the CacheQLD shop.  There will be a small selection of baked goodies for sale as well.   Orders will be closing around the 19th March.


The new items in the shop have proven to be quite popular with several orders coming through.  In addition, our traditional merchandise such as our Geo-Coins and pathtags have now sold out.  You still plenty of time to get some Dayboro merchandise though.  The first order of our CacheQLD Polo shirts have been delivered and are looking pretty snazzy all printed up.  We also have the pathtags in hand and orders have started to be put together.

Trivia Night

Saturday Night is the night for Trivia, please remember to click the link to book a table, this will be a requirement as we must be mindful about numbers inside the venue. If the numbers of attendees exceed what we can have, we will need to go to Plan B.  So, if you have logged a Will Attend but not registered a team or even a part team please do so now.

Tropi-Cal Night

Sunday night is Tropi-Cal party night.  This is the night to get your tropical shirts out and wear them with pride, perhaps a big pair of oversized sunnies and top it all off with a flower lai around your neck and you will be good to go.  We will have the festive music playing, perhaps some ukuleles playing (maybe).  There is still time to practice your hula dancing.

The Dayboro Grapevine, Police & Markets

We wanted to take this time to let you that we have put an article in the local community newspaper ‘ The Grapevine’, which is due out before the Mega.  This gives the locals a heads up that we are coming to play in their community.  We have also met with the local police and spoken to them about our event and the increased traffic and weird roadside stopping that will be occurring.  During our correspondence with the community paper they informed that the local markets will be on Saturday, so that might be worth a wander down into town to enjoy the country hospitality and goodies on offer.

Dayboro Mega Horse

Hopefully, you have seen that our new Geo-Art has been published, you going to learn a fair bit about horses over the solving of this diverse collection of puzzles.  While collecting the series we ask that you be mindful that cache placement is in a rural location and the locals will most definitely notice the increase in traffic.  So please consider carpooling, going during daylight hours, if a local resident stops to check on you (and they will see if you need help) please just tell them what you are doing and that you will be on your way in a minute.  Over the next week will create a page for the Geo-Art to keep you informed of any changes to puzzles (off sets etc), this will be a good place to check before you start the cache collection trip to ensure you do not miss a change.

We will be back around the middle of the month to share some more news!

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