Mega Day 1 – Saturday 3rd April

Today is the official opening day of the Mega.

A big thank you to everyone for taking care of the grounds yesterday in relation to the cars and mud. We encourage everyone to continue parking around the outside of the ring and using the available space near check in.

Please remember if you are on site already, you need to complete the QR check in for the Showground and head down to the front gate to get your Saturday Day pass – today’s is white! We need to keep a record ourselves of who is on-site.

Friday’s Fun

Friday saw many of our guests arrive on site and put their minds to work on the gadgets labs. We took a few inside for the night, rest assured they will be back out for puzzling over tomorrow from around 7am including the Locationless Banner. We also heard of many milestones being reached through the day so congratulations to all those teams.

Gate Guardians, Gadget trails and Seminars
Adventure Lab Logs

Saturday’s Weather:

After our good weather yesterday it seems we are heading for some light showers today and a cool evening – pack a jumper for Trivia Night.

Coffee Van, Food Trucks & the Bar

You may have noticed the coffee van arrived yesterday afternoon and this will be open in the morning to perk you up for a great day.

The food trucks will be arriving during the day and we ask that you please keep the parking area around the main hall free as one will be positioned out the front and the other down at the bar end of the main hall.

The bar is stocked ready to go for Saturday and Sunday night – the bar accepts cash only and we ask that you please consider using small notes and coins as we may be unable to change a large note.

COVID RESTRICTIONS: All food and drink items must be consumed sitting down at a table.

What’s On

8am Opening Ceremony and Offical Photo

What would an event be without an official opening? Who knows, and we won’t have to find out here as at 8am we ask that everyone present on-site head to the Main Hall to be officially welcomed to the CacheQLD Dayboro Mega and it being declared opening. This is also where you will receive the verbal clue for the Opening Ceremony in the Fun Stuff Adventure Lab. You’ll need to be there to get it or beg your mates later for the codeword. After the welcome, we are gathering onto the Showground ring to take the official Dayboro Mega photo.

8:30-9:30 am Reviewers Panel

Sadly we have lost a reviewer to illness but we still have at least one reviewer going to be represented here. So if you have a question about the review process this is the perfect opportunity to see if you can get your questioned answered.

5-6 pm Pathtag Swap

The location for the pathtag swap is at the undercover area at the back of the main ring (part of the Orientation Adventure Lab). If you have pathtags to trade this is the place to be. We have a second pathtag trade session on Monday morning if you miss this one.

6pm – Trivia Night

We have the current table seating sorted. This is going to be a large event in itself and we must adhere to some rules. Firstly you must be registered, secondly you must sit at your allocated table in the spot that it is located, please no number switching. As this will be an indoor event, with all the doors open we can muster, we need to be mindful of the space and strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask, unless you are medically exempt. Not only will this keep you and everyone else safe, it will help lower the risk of someone lip reading your answers! BONUS!!

COVID RESTRICTIONS: As mentioned above, all food and drink must be consumed sitting down at your table. Masks can be removed for eating.

Happy Caching!

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