The GPS Maze is coming … but only with your support

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the aMAZEing news that a GPS Adventure Exhibit is in Australia!

The GPS Adventure Maze Exhibit is a rare event icon that originally appeared in the USA in 2007. The Exhibit, initially hosted by Geocaching HQ, travelled around the USA and Canada until 2015 before being retired. The Czech Geocaching Association were allowed to create their own maze in 2013 and it first appeared in Prague of that year. The Czech maze travelled to the UK and Germany in 2015, back to the Czech Republic in 2017, to Austria in 2018 and is due to return to the Czech Republic in 2022. The Texas Geocaching Association began their own maze in 2019 and appeared in Fort Worth in that year. It has travelled to Georgia, Ohio and Kansas in 2021. Finally, GeoNord are bringing the maze to France for the first time ever in 2022.

The Australian maze, created by Geocaching Victoria, is the first maze in the southern hemisphere and has made Australia only the 7th country to host a maze!

CacheQLD are working on the logistics of organising the maze’s move North and personalising it to showcase the best of caching in Queensland. However, none of these plans can come to fruition without your support. We need some dedicated cachers to become Supporters of the Townsville Maze!

For a small cost you will be given the following:

* VIP only access on Friday
* One of the first in Australia to log a super rare cache type
* Jump the queue all weekend
* VIP thank you pack
* Your name displayed prominently on the maze
* Knowing that without you the maze wouldn’t be possible!

Supporter packages start at just $70. Visit Geocaching Victoria to pledge your support & secure your VIP spot.


What is a GPS Adventure Maze?
A GPS Adventure Maze is a special type of geocaching event that can only appear alongside specially selected Geocaching MEGA and GIGA Events. 

How do I get the GPS Maze icon? 
The icon will be assigned to you after you have logged your “Attended” on the GPS Maze listing.

How do I become a Supporter of the Townsville Maze?
You can register by following this link.  Becoming a SOTM allows you special access to the maze on the Friday, as well as other goodies, only available to our Townsville supporters.

What if I don’t arrive in time for the VIP only event Friday night?
No problem, you will be able to queue jump all weekend!

Do I need anything to visit the exhibition? 
No, just a little patience to get in line before you can access the Maze.

Will there be Adventures Labs? 
Yes, 10 Adventure Labs will be available inside the exhibition in addition to those of the MEGA.

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