Event Wrap-up

And we are done! A bit of stress in the lead-up with the brief COVID lockdown, but we were released just in time to still hold the event!

We had amazing feedback for our gadget trail. Over 240 people started these Adventure Labs, and they were given an average rating of 4.9+! A huge thanks to committee members EatSleepCacheRepeat, JACS Team, and Gcoven for the work they put into constructing these.

The trivia on the Saturday night was well attended and lots of fun! Thanks again to our amazing hosts Net88 and Captain Terror!

Sunday night saw plenty of colourful shirts and big smiles at the Tropi-cal themed party! Even Cal got dressed up for the night’s festivities that ran well into the morning.

Prize Winners

Below is a quick round up of our prize winners from the weekend! These were announced at our closing ceremony.

Pineapple award: KittyKatch – although I think finding a bottle of whiskey is a prize in itself!
Runner up: burgo78 (We tracked down a first aid kit for Burgo considering all his entries involved injuries!)

Bingo: TeamDFL ($100 caching supplies voucher)

Kids scavenger hunt: Damien – We hope you enjoyed that huge chocolate!

Photo competition – with thanks to our judge Ian George (The Coffee’s)
Winner: SaintsMadHouse ($100 Caching Supplies voucher, plus 1 year premium membership)
Runner up: Patrol14 (ammo can with geocaching TOTT inside)

Letterbox Code word: IolantheK (Geocaching TOTT)

CITO story: kingfisherau (USB torch)

Tropical Night Best Dressed: JustATrifle (Ammo Can with goodies and a $100 Kathmandu voucher)

Newsletter Code words: AtTheLakeHouse ($50 Caching Supplies voucher)

Thanks again to Adam & Matt from our local geocaching store, Caching Supplies!


Thank you everyone who organised pick up of your merch if you couldn’t make it! For the orders that we have left behind, we will start contacting you next week to organize late collection or delivery.

A HUGE thank you to Kelly (bubba_89) from Black Cat Creations for working to get orders together even as they were coming through, even over the weekend! Amazing! Kelly has a huge range of merchandise that she can customize to suit whatever you need!

Puzzle Seminar

Ardom (Allan) ran this year’s puzzle seminar which was very well attended. There have been a few requests for his slides so click here to download a copy!

Post-Event Survey

Thank you everyone who attended the event! We would love if you could follow this link to complete a quick post-event survey. We use this information for future sponsorship applications!

Keep an eye on the Geocaching page for the official event photo that will be posted as soon as Ian (Mr Coffee’s) get’s home and uploads!

See you at the next one!

It is happening!

Did you hear the news? The MEGA is on!! We are so excited to be pushing forward as planned.

The changes don’t affect us too much, but you will need to bring a mask if you are attending indoor activities such as trivia, tropical night, and seminars (unless you have an exemption)! We also have some gadget caches located in the indoor spaces.

Keep on eye on the trivia GC page (GC958DV) because the seating plan will be updated in the next 24hours!

See you all soon!

Event Status

As you may be aware some areas around Brisbane are heading into a three day lockdown starting at 5pm on Monday through to 5pm on Thursday. While current state guidelines allow this event to proceed following the lockdown, please be aware that restrictions are subject to change.

How will this recent lockdown impact our event? Short answer is, we don’t know. We are confident that covid tracers and QLD government are again doing a great job stopping the spread.

Our best guesses are…

Option 1: All goes ahead as planned. The last 3 day lockdown worked really well for the community, and restrictions were quickly lifted.

Option 2: Event restrictions on gatherings may change, but we planned for that! We have a venue with large useable indoor & outdoor spaces. We already have our covid plan, extra cleaning booked, and plenty of hand sanitizer on stock, so all is good there.

Option 3: QLD health rule that events be cancelled in which case we postpone – but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it!

Please be assured that we are working diligently with reviewers, the Dayboro Showgrounds, and QLD Health to ensure compliance with the most up to date QLD Health regulations. Compliance will be continually reviewed and updated to ensure the safety of all our guests!