CacheQLD – Event News Jan 21

Just in case you missed the announcement our application to HQ for Mega status was received and granted!

This means that QLD will hold it’s second Mega event ever!  Of course with Mega status comes a whole new ball game and as we predicted we have had a lot of questions coming through to the Mega Committee (how awesome is it to say that!)

Are you getting Signal or the banner for the Locationless Cache?

In 2020-21 HQ are celebrating 20 years of geocaching with the availability of a single Locationless Cache to find GC8FROG.  In order to meet the logging requirements for this cache you must find Signal the Frog mascot or the official 20th anniversary Signal the Frog banner in person and take a photo of yourself or a personal item with either the banner or mascot.  Both items are created and distributed only by Geocaching HQ and “are most reliably found at Mega and Giga Events.

We had confirmation overnight in regards to our application for the Mascot and Banner.  Sadly we won’t be receiving the new Signal the Frog Mascot, instead we will be having the older one you may have seen around at other Australian Mega events.  However, we are getting the official banner!  So with all things going to plan you will be able to pick up this very special cache type over the four days of the event. It will be located inside our Main event room at the showgrounds from 8am Friday 2nd until 9pm Monday.

What about Special Adventure Labs?

Good news!  We have already applied and been awarded 5 Adventure labs of 10 locations each.  So, there will be the availability of up to 50 temporary labs over the Easter long weekend.  Please be aware that Adventure labs associated with the Mega have a life span of 3 weeks.  Not all will be available outside the four days of the Mega as we will have special items placed around the Showgrounds during our booking. 

We have some amazing things already created for some of the labs – gadget cache trail!  The Gadget caches will be available from 8am Friday 2nd to 9pm Monday 5th.  Depending on how they wear after the Mega they may find themselves relocated as regular caches in the months after.

Will there be new Geo-Art?

Of course, there is going to be more Geo-Art!  Dayboro is already host to three great arts: We Love Geo, Geosaurus and Pac-Man.  However, there is just enough space for us to add our own country inspired art for all the geocachers who have completed the local ones and are looking for something new.  Cache placement is already well underway, and those puzzles, well they are being deviously designed as well.

We are planning to release the Geo-Art on February 15th.

What about Challenges?

We have an awesome challenge series created for you!  With the cache placement for these in a fantastic location, best get those walking boots dusted off, as these are located on a mostly pleasant, looped walking track – there are a couple of hills so take this into consideration when planning your day.

We are planning on releasing the Challenges on March 15th.

I’m thinking of coming, are there camping spots still left?

Yes! As we have the entire showground booked there are plenty of sites throughout the grounds.  We have spaces in each of the designated areas.  Make sure you check the Area map to see where you would like to base yourself, the online web shop  has the availability level displayed so you can see if there is a spot available in your preferred location. If the sites you are looking for doesn’t appear on the main page, you will need to click into Categories and camping.

Please remember we have identified a few sites that are wheelchair/mobility impaired/disability friendly if you require access to one of these please contact the committee at to organise for one of these sites to become available for booking.   

Are the coins and pathtags going to be ready?

Our two coins are here!  They look amazing!  These two coins are proving very popular and we strongly suggest that you get in early on purchasing one or both of them.  The pathtags are also on their way and should be here in the next couple of weeks.

Can I use Cal or the Sun on my personal pathtag?

Of course you can! We ask that you use one of our approved images.  Send us an email and we can send you the file along with the approved PMS colours.  Don’t forget that we also have a CacheQLD back that you can add to your tag if you wish.

What’s going to happen over the weekend?

We have an itinerary in progress, just confirming small details here and there and plan to formally release next month.  However the following are confirmed:

Cachetur hosted by Kittykatch
Beginner Puzzles hosted by Ardom
Photography hosted by The Coffee’s and launch of the photograph competition.
Drone hosted by The Coffee’s
Meet the Reviewers with Brisbane based reviewer Jingeri

Saturday Trivia Night:
Hosted by Queensland Podcaster, Nett88. This will be a good chance to get a table together with friends and show off your geocaching and other general trivia knowledge.

Sunday Party Night:
This will be a themed party, celebrating all things Tropi-cal.  We will have a bar open on the night and encourage everyone to dress to the theme.  There will be music, dancing, decorations and just a whole bunch of fun to be had!

Sunday Easter Egg Hunt & Games
You can’t have easter without a visit from the Easter Bunny leaving behind some eggs to be hunted down.  There will also be some fun kids games to be had in the Arena.

Can I buy geocaching related goodies over the event weekend?

We are pleased to confirm that Queensland based Caching Supplies will be onsite during weekend and you can pick up any geocaching related goodies from them.  Black Cat Creations who are printing our shirts, will also be around for last minute orders and can work with you to create custom merchandise.

Further Questions

If you have any more questions please send them through to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We do have a Facebook group and page as well that you can join to keep up with information.

A Quick Update!

We are taking a short postponement from the scheduled post due today. We will have an update and highlight for you on the 4th January. So check back in then – or hit the Follow button to have the news sent to your email address as soon as it’s published.

In case you missed it – We made the magical qualifying 300 will attends on the 30th December. The committee certainly gave their refresh buttons a work out as the numbers rose throughout the day. Particularly when there was a lull with only three to go! Never fear though the geocaching community rallied and our current numbers are at 315! So exciting!

Rest assured we have already submitted our application to HQ for Mega status and now we wait for a reply. Fingers crossed everyone!

The shop page has now been updated with all the information from our previous post. Please make sure you do your sizing measurements on shirts and include details for names and or tracking codes in the Additional Notes section when ordering.

All the Geocoins and Pathtags have been produced and are currently making their way to Australia. If you are interested in purchasing either coin we suggest you get in quick as we only have 19 left of each coin. The finished product looks amazing.

We wish you and your family a fantastic 2021 as we say goodbye to 2020. Safe travels if you managed to get away and even safer travels if you now have to hurry home.

Let’s catch up again in a couple of days.

OnlineShop – Now OPEN!!!

We are super excited to announce that the CacheQLD online store is now open! You can purchase your site bookings, Event Pathtags, and Geocoins! We also have personalised event t-shirts, and car flags! Stock is limited so hurry over and secure yours! For personalisation be sure to fill in your details prior to checkout! Please note: Items will not be shipped. All merchandise can be picked up from the Main Hall anytime during the Easter Event (GC8M4ZQ)!

Click on the banner

You will find all the camping options under the Categories: Camping.

We have a limited number of mobility friendly sites, these are not open to booking without prior consultation with the CacheQLD Team. Please contact us through to discuss your needs.

Shirt Sizing:
There is a size guide in each of the description sections. Ensure that you choose your size carefully as once printed no returns can be made.

Adding a Team Name / Tracking Code:
When ordering a team name and/or tracking code you can add these details on the final page of the Checkout under Send Additional Instructions (see below).  If ordering more than one personalised item, please be clear which team name and /or tracking code goes with each item.  If in doubt please send an email to the team at to confirm, we may contact you prior to printing to confirm details.

*** This is an image only, so you see where to add the details.  You will need to click the square for the text box to open**

Directs to Online Shop


Good news, we have the entire showground booked for our event and the team have been hard at work developing a site map for the showground, as one didn’t exist before!!!

I am sure you will agree the map looks fantastic, with an abundance of sites and different areas for all types of campers.

At the moment this is just a peek at what’s on offer and to orientate yourself with the site. So get chatting with your geo-buddies, work out your preferred area if you want to camp together.

The CacheQLD shop will open for camp bookings and the sale of merchandise from 7:00pm AEST 15th December. We will announce the shop address here first, so keep an eye out.

Aerial view of the showgrounds in use (minus Area 1). The local football and soccer grounds are to the front.

Area 1: is inside the main ring of the showground, with the camping all around the very level ring and a central drive circle with one main access driveway. Plenty of gates to the access the outer part.

To the very far right you can see the vans outside the ring in Area 3. The centre can also be used for unpowered camping (tents and caravans.

Area 2: is slightly raised and has central driveway. This area offers good access to the Main Hall, one of the new toilet blocks and most importantly the camp kitchen and laundry.

Area 3: is close to the main entrance and has a line of trees at the back fence. This area would offer the best for sneaky early exit point to climb those mountains and paddle all those waterways.

Excuse the wet, this was taken the next day after the storm.

Area 4: is located further area from the main area and will be perfect for a quieter location away from the main activity hubs. This site also allows for unpowered campers to mingle with their powered friends. Also this is the closest point to the walkway that connects the showground to Dayboro township.

Along the tree line to the left is the pathway to the centre of town.

Area 5:We have change this area as at 14/12, check the map for area of unpowered camping for van and tents.

Not a great photo, but to the right of the fence is the tent only area. We could fit one or two vans here if needed. You can see the old toilet block in the background.

Bathroom blocks: There are three bathroom blocks. The top block offers for the males three toilets and three showers with a disabled toilet, while the women have their choice of 5 toilets, 3 showers with a disabled toilet as well.

(No the showers aren’t leaning – just my bad photo :D)

The lower block offers for the males a single toilet and three showers, the women get three toilets and three showers. There is also a separate disabled bathroom with a shower.

The older block located near Area 5 has three toilets and 1 shower for women and one shower and toilet for the men. Please note that this block is old and will only open depending on campground numbers.

Camp Kitchen: This is a small space and will fit only 2-3 people at a time. However it is well equipped with a bar fridge, microwave, kettles, toasters, and a sink.

Camp Laundry: a small laundry facility with a single washing machine and dryer and two sinks. Each load costs $4. There is ample clothes lines at the back of the bathrooms.

Dump Points: There are two located in the grounds one near the top bathrooms and one near the lower bathroom. The lower dump point has driveway access for ease of caravans etc.

Thanks for looking over our campsite, we look forward to seeing you in Dayboro over Easter 2021.

Cache QLD – Event News 11

Well, we are fast approaching the end of 2020 and what a year it has been! A year of devastation, particularly for lovers of events both big and small, we have seen them one by one cancelled or postponed as the country dealt with COVID-19. While Queensland still has restrictions in place for holding events due to State Government guidelines, we are being optimistic that these restrictions might continue to ease and we can once again enjoy catching up socially with registered events.

On Sunday the committee met and reaffirmed that we should press on with our planning, surely packing a stadium with 49,000 people will mean that we can soon have outdoor gatherings with 100 people!

While we promised the shop opening in October we had understandable concerns about whether we would be able to go ahead with our event as we watched a second wave hit the country. The uncertainty of it all is crushing, but here we are and we need to press on from limbo land. So that all being said …

We are pleased to announce the new Shop opening date of 15th December.

September 2020 – Newsletter 09

Over the last few months we have had a few questions about how COVID will affect the Dayboro event, and the answer is that currently we just don’t know. Our goal continues to be hosting the event in Dayboro during Easter, 2021 and we are all busy working behind the scenes to make that possible.

We will continue to monitor National and State guidelines and advice, and keep you updated in our monthly Event News. We hope to make a final decision on proceeding by late Jan/ early Feb in order to give everyone enough time to plan.

If it becomes safest to postpone Dayboro, 2021 we have secured the Easter, 2022 date with other caching committees. This is great news for two reasons. First, if Dayboro is postponed we can host the event the following Easter. Second, (and the best case scenario) is that we proceed with Dayboro 2021, and then have Easter, 2022 for another big Queensland event. This is great news so watch this space!

New Caches

Our most recent published cache is entitled – Go Fish #1. A few months ago we did a highlight on trees and we mentioned this newish cache placement type of tree fishing.  There are few more being placed around the area shortly. If you haven’t tried tree fishing before, this will be a good chance for you to have a go, and there is a good chance we will have a tree fishing pole that you can borrow from the Showground for an hour at a time to have a crack at getting these few local ones.

Other recent published caches in the region include a trio of kayak (or blow up boat!) caches in the heart of Dayboro at Lees Crossing – the three caches have vary degrees of DT ratings 1/5, 2.5/5 and lastly a  4/5 (which seems to prove a tricky one to find).  This is a lovely area for a swim and perhaps cooling off after a big day of Easter caching.  You will need a watercraft of some sort, and be prepared to do some portage in between the three.

You can keep up with any CacheQLD publications by using this public bookmark.

“Arriving at the car park I was greeted by Mrs SP who was a bit flustered, seems she had forgotten one vital part of her boating equipment…. the paddle 🤣 HAHA! Whoops!!! Ah well, let’s just see how far we can get with my two small dodgy ones?  So with Mrs SP in the lead with one paddle I was being towed behind in my blow up with the other paddle. Surprisingly Mrs SP was quite talented with her stroke work and had us cruising down the river at a decent speed in a straight line. Hats off to her! Lots of laughs were had on the way to GZ, all that was missing was my grapes.  It was a lovely day to be on the water with good company in this gorgeous part of the universe.”

Dayboro Bakery

Firstly, this is not a sponsored advertisement, but if there is one thing that the local caching community can tell you about Dayboro it is that they have a fantastic bakery!  As you read through the logs, trying to find those little puzzle and GZ hints (you know you do it!) you will be sure to read that normally a day caching in Dayboro might start or end or be interrupted with a visit to the local bakery.

Their most recent accolade is winning a public vote on the best bakery in Moreton Bay 2020, beating out 50 other bakeries in the region.  One of our committee members is an avid pie eater and highly rates them as well – Check out their Facebook page to see what they have on offer.  So, why not plan to drop in while in town next Easter they open every day from 5am to 5pm and cover all your basic pies types, other baked goodies and have vegetarian options as well.

The Shop

We are still moving forward on the shop and getting it ready to be opened during October.  The showground has been mapped and we can confirm a great mixture of 10 and 15 amp power sites. 

You can expect to see a range of merchandise from the usual shirts, pathtags, geocoins, to car flags and other goodies.

The Puzzle

Remember to hold onto your solved code words and bring them all to the event to be the running for prizes!

What’s Next

As mentioned in the Toowoomba Highlight, we are turning our heads to the Sunshine Coast for October and checking out all the excellent things they have to offer to the caching community.  We will be holding out that restrictions will be easing at the end of the month and we may be able to host an event!

August 2020 – Newsletter 08

Seven and a half months to go!  We were saddened to see our southern friends in Victoria have postponed their Whittlesea event due to COVID19.  With so many caching plans and events have been thrown up in the air this year – it’s almost like a reset for everyone in 2021. 

Looking forward this means that the Cache QLD Dayboro event is the next largest event to be held in Australia (at this stage).  We would dearly love to get it to the magical MEGA milestone mark and have something to really get excited about by bringing Signal to our Sunny backyard.  Thankfully Queensland is still open to Queenslanders and fingers crossed soon we will be able to welcome all of our interstate friends back into the country.

In the meantime we are continuing to focus on regions of Queensland in our monthly Highlight posts with Toowoomba next up on the cards to coincide with Star Trek Day on the 8th – hmmm! I wonder what the connection is there?

Promotional Events

As mentioned last month we had our banner out for its first official public appearance recently at Orange Crews Community Celebrations event.  How good does it look!

We are currently in the publishing queue for our own event to be held in Toowoomba on Saturday 12th September. 

Perhaps after reading about all the awesome things on offer in our next Highlight post due on the 1st September you might like to pop into the Toowoomba event share some stories or perhaps make a weekend of it and track down some of the great caches. Maybe you could identify any that were missed that really should be included in a visit to the region.


We are continuing to publish caches out in Dayboro region with more on the way!  We loved the personal connection to our most recent cache ‘Crackerjack’ by FTF’er pajamateam.

‘This is a very special first to find for me.  My Grandfather and Nanna was one of the first members here at this great little bowls club.  My parents were members and players for many years.  All four held positions of office at this club and you should be able to find their names on different boards etc within the clubhouse.  There is a white bench dedicated to my Grandfather here at the club located outside the bar.’ 

The Shop

We have come to a decision that the ‘shop’ will be opening for sales and campground booking from October 3rd.  This is will be the 6 month mark until the event and we think a fair date given travel restrictions currently in place.  Now is the time to start discussing with friends and family about accommodation whether to go powered or unpowered!

Opening Ceremony: Trivia Night

Hot off the Presses! We just approached Net88 to be our Trivia host for the event and she has agreed!  Net88 was part of the Trivia team from the Stanthorpe Mega, so we know that we are in good hands.  In the meantime you can always catch up with Net88 on her excellent podcast ‘Geocaching with Net88 & friends’. There may be some good trivia mentioned in addition to the great advice, stories and tips from her guests.

Seminar: Cachetur

Seeing as we are talking about some of the event program we are also pleased to announce that Kitty Katch from Canberra has agreed to host an information session on using Cachetur.  If you have ever wanted help to plan an epic geocaching adventure then Cachetur is the trip planning tool for geocachers and is it powered by the Geocaching API. 

What’s Next

July 2020 – Newsletter 07

It’s a short and sweet update this as month we’ve been a little quiet as we hibernate through winter. Rest assured though that things are still progressing on Queensland next major event, mostly just the boring quiet behind the scene stuff.

Promotional Events

We are still a little way off holding a promotional event of our own, but if you are attending the Community Celebration event, ‘Geocaching Turns 20 – GC8K1KZ’, being hosted by Orange Crew on the 15th August, you’ll catch a glimpse of our very fancy banner that has been dying to make a public appearance. There will also be quite of a few of the committee members floating around if you want to hunt them down and ask some questions.


We are regularly publishing new caches in the Dayboro and region and surrounds. There are a few more out already just waiting for us to submit for publication, so please keep an eye for them. It’s good to see that there is already a lot of local love for the caches and we enjoy reading the logs hearing about how you spent your time in Dayboro.


We have completed our mock ups of our event pathtags and are just finalising the PMS colours and then will be sending of the design to be made into blueprints and then into production.


Now that COVID19 restrictions have been lowered in Queensland we are able to finally get back the showground and finish completing the work on mapping out the campground.

The Shop

Due to the current level of uncertainty in our Southern States with the pandemic we are a being a little cautious with opening our shop for campsite bookings. We still think there is plenty of time to wait and see how everything is going as we are 8.5 months away from the Big Day. We will leave bookings closed until at least September.

Currently the shop is still in construction mode anyway, but we are hoping to add items over the next month and we will make an announcement when it is ready to go.

What’s Next

August brings about International Geocaching Day, although not really international, but we might use this month to look further afield in Queensland and start to show off a few other great caching locations in this wonderful state.

June 2020 – Newsletter 06

CacheQLD Going Green

With the unprecedented global events this year, and the message from this year’s World Environment Day, It’s Time #ForNature, it is clear that there has never been a more crucial time than now to take care of our planet.

CacheQLD believes that to keep our community healthy, we need to keep the planet healthy. As such, we have committed to reducing our environmental impact during the Dayboro event. What will this look like?

* Reduction of single use plastics
* Facilitation of day-trip car-pooling services onsite
* All registration packs made to order only
* Recycling available onsite, including a ‘Containers For Change’ drop off point.
* Products sourced from local vendors wherever possible
* Working with local council for CITO and bush regeneration experiences where available

Protecting our planet starts with us!
Have other ideas to help CacheQld go green? Send us an email at

Your Cache QLD Committee


Hey, I’m Sheridan, the ‘S’ from JACS Team.  What started as a little family account is now just me with my family joining in on the odd occasion.  I started an account way back in 2005 it took a phone app and 11 years until I got my first cache on a 6 month holiday around Australia.  We were stuck in a Broome during a heatwave and thought we had done all the tourist things, when I remembered this little game of finding things.  We ended up learning so much more. Geocaching grew to be part of daily life for the rest of the trip.  We continued to find history, fun and hidden gems across the country thanks to geocaching. 

Once we were settled back at home, I finally braved my first event after chickening out of two other ones.  At that event I met people, from there introductions were made to others, now I have a little band of regular friends who I have enjoyed sharing some great adventures and milestones with.  I have a complete soft spot for letterboxes, challenges, geo-art, taking snaps and traveling on adventures.


I started caching in 2016, since then I have cached in 7 countries, and all the states and territories of Australia! Not bad considering I had never left Australia’s east coast before joining up! I believe caching has had a really positive influence on my relationships, and my environmental awareness. Traveling & caching with friends is definitely where all my greatest caching memories are.

Coming in a close second is sharing my excitement with others! I try to do this through socials as often as I have time for, and more recently through planning geocaching events! This is the third event I have been involved in and they just keep getting bigger and better! I can’t wait to see you in Dayboro!


I’m Allan and I started geocaching in 2015 when I found my wife’s GPS lying around the house – an incident that she now considers one of the greatest mistakes of her life. Since then I have found over 5000 geocaches and have travelled around Australia and the world in search of geocaches to fulfil oddball statistics, such as completing my D/T loop using only micro sized caches.

My geocaching highlights include collecting 1000 caches in four days on Yorke Peninsula, a FTF after a multi hour hike in New Zealand, collecting information for a virtual cache in Disneyland, and a visit to the Abbey Road webcam.


Amber is one half of Simber15 with husband Simmo. We started our geocaching addiction with a find in Canberra thanks to our caching cousin MrWindy. After hearing some of his adventures we eventually became intrigued enough to ask what exactly Geocaching was. This became a two-hour marathon lesson on containers, locations, hides and the sharing of local knowledge. Armed with a basic account we set out to find our first hide and I remember it took a lot longer than it would now! Within days we had upgraded to premium membership and have not looked back. We love the irony of a ‘free hobby’ that has seen us accumulate a caravan, electric scooters, kayaks, ladders, fishing poles and numerous other TOTT’s. We have cached up and down the east coast and have a few finds from out west. We are the proud owners of a number of creative hides and are currently planning a new GeoArt (watch this space!).

We have attended a few Mega events over the years and very much look forward to being involved in the development of our own local event! We hope to see you there. 


My name is Glenda and I cache as Ggoven, a name chosen by an old high school friend who introduced me to the hobby. For this I am very grateful as with my kids now all grown up, I have the time to pursue something that I myself enjoy.

Caching has given me the chance to face old fears such as vertigo and I am now keen on climbing mountains and also kayaking. I have met some amazing friends! My favourite part of the game are challenges as I love having a goal!


Hi I’m Semk.  I opened my caching account in June 2004 and learned the ropes of geocaching from GC dot com charter members. I have found over 7,000 caches in both hemispheres and made friends worldwide after meeting them at MEGA events. I first came to Australia to attend the first southern hemisphere MEGA in Wagga Wagga, NSW at the encouragment of SpinDocBob (RIP) — I liked Australia so much, I moved here permanently in 2011. I’m notorious for getting behind in my logs but use Cachly to try to prevent it now.

My favourite caches are on-site puzzles/gadget caches. I enjoy caching for its challenge, its outdoor environment, and the great group of people it seems to attract.  I am looking forward to CacheQLD Dayboro so I can once again see so many friends in one place over a great weekend of caching and talking about caching!

Orange Crew

Hi, I’m Kieran. I’m what you’d call the primary geocacher in Orange Crew, but the rest of the family also love to get involved when they can. We started in 2014 as a way to get the kids out and exploring more, but the obsession soon took hold for me more than it did for the kids.  We like bike riding, paddling, and bushwalking together, and I also enjoy doing some of the more adventurous things like longer bushwalks, mountain climbing and rope climbs.

We also enjoy hiding caches (including puzzles, GeoArt and challenges), which brings a sense of satisfaction when we read about the enjoyment of cachers finding our hides. Events are always high on the priority list whenever we can attend, as we get to meet other cachers and share experiences. We have been to 6 mega events in Australia so far, starting with the Queensland Mega in Stanthorpe back in 2015. Large events are always exciting, and we look forward to everybody coming to Dayboro and enjoying all there is to offer in this beautiful location.

Caching in Dayboro

We’ve mentioned before the three big Geo-Arts that are within the immediate vicinity of Dayboro: Pacman, We Heart Geo and the Geosaurus.  The committee have started to sprinkle a few more traditionals around the area and there are some other cache types popping up as well in the near future.  Thanks to Chasing Adventures there is even a new Adventure Lab in town with a very cute bonus cache as well.  We have started a bookmark list of CacheQLD caches which we will add to as we gradually release new caches.

What’s Next!

Next month see’s National Tree Day! We are going to feature heavily on trees with a great insight to tree climbing, both regular stuff and the technical side. We introduce our next Caching Kids who recently planted there adventure lab bonus up a big tree!

Cache QLD Highlight – 06

Welcome to CacheQLD’s June Highlight! This month we welcome winter and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Environment Day on the 5th of June.

World Environment Day reminds us to take action to conserve and protect our natural environment. We have been working with our sponsors to eliminate waste and reduce our environmental impact by ‘going green’ at the Dayboro event!

Due to current restrictions, QLD’s 3-day World Environment Day Festival will be live-streamed. The discussion panel includes expert biologists, botanists and ecologists discussing on biodiversity and climate change, information on local environmental action groups, sustainable living tutorials and live music (Live-streamed June 5-7th at!

This year focuses on biodiversity. Think you know biodiversity? Take this fun quiz!

Hello Trinity, we are talking about world environment day and biodiversity this month.

Can you tell me what animals you have found during your geocaching travels?
I see a lot of kangaroos, wallabies, monitor lizards and pheasants. At Ewen Maddock Dam I saw a water rat playing in the water and I saw lots of tiny tree frogs. When I did a night-time cache called ‘Nocturnal’ at Petrie I saw a carpet snake on a tree and a bandicoot.

Do you have any advice for kids to find animals when they are caching?
Take a spider stick, if you go to Tincha Tamba make sure you have loads of mozzie spray and climb trees to get a good look around. There are bird hides at Boondall and Lake Manchester. Remember to take a camera with you when you go geocaching to take pictures of the animals you spot.

Why is it important to look after the environment?
We rely on the earth for food and shelter. We need lots of different plants and animals to keep the earth balanced.

How can geocaching help?
You should recycle containers when making caches and swag. If you do earthcaches you will see that rocks rock even though they can’t move. When you make your geocaches, teach people about places and animals. When you go geocaching you can pick up rubbish around the cache.

What are your favourite Nature Parks?
I liked walking down to the ‘ghost train’ cache where I saw micro-bats in the train tunnels. When we first started, I climbed Mount Micketeegumblegree with my cousins and got lost on the way down but we had lots of fun. When I went around Australia with my sister and mum we used the geocaching app to take us to all the national parks.Thanks Trinity it’s great to hear that you are looking out for the environment when you go geocaching.

Adult Bit: There are some good environmental centres to visit with kids around the Moreton Shire and greater South-East Queensland including Downfall Creek (Kedron), C.R.E.E.C (Burpengary), Osprey House (Dohles Rocks), Kumbartcho Sanctuary (Eatons Hill) and Walk-about Creek (The Gap). Each of these have related geocaches to explore.

This month we have a question from our South Australian ambassador, RideTheGeoWalrus

‘Geocachers are asking how close is Dayboro to Brisbane? They would like to see it on a map with maybe some of the attractions and lodgings’

Dayboro is wonderfully located in the South East of Queensland within hour you can be at the Sunshine Coast, set up in the City having coffee at a café and almost at the Gold Coast.  No matter what kind of caching you are into within an hour you are going to be set up ready go – plenty of mountains to climb, lakes to paddle, beaches to visit, heaps of cultural / tourist things and I guess if you like shopping there’s plenty of that too.

We have included some links in our past newsletter regarding searching for accommodation in the region – you can find this in April 2020 – Newsletter 04.  We also have a map of the caches we mention on the website in the side bar.  We try to have this up to date as possible (bar all those geo-arts at this stage).  This map also includes where the event is being held and you can search around to see what else is nearby that may interest you.

Dayboro is in the Moreton Bay Region and they themselves have a great website that really highlights all the Moreton Bay has to offer and help identify what is in the area.  We strongly suggest you check out their website  If you are planning on bringing your furry friend to the event you will also find information on pet friendly beaches, parks cafe & other areas that might be of interest.

Of course please remember that you can camp with your pets at the Dayboro Showground!

Geocaching with Dogs

Bodhi has been geocaching since he was 8 weeks old, when we picked him up from the breeder! Being a cocker spaniel, he is the perfect geodog, as he is built for family adventures and retrieving. Bodhi loves nothing more than sniffing out the cache and sitting down once he has found it.

Bodhi loves attending geo-events where he even met Miss Direction’s cocker spaniels at the Sweeney Reserve Australia Day Event at Petrie and he was trying to catch bubbles at the WWFM XV Brisbane’s Bubbly Bridge Event, where Barbbowman took some great photos of him. Bodhi has even sniffed out dog friendly accommodation for the upcoming Dayboro event, so he can attend all the dog friendly activities, which we are all very excited about.

Bodhi has been on many geocaching adventures with us from bush walks, to beaches, to urban hides and his personal favourite, at dog parks.

Recently, Bodhi has been hiding his own geocaches in his favourite spots to walk and play, including Bodhi’s Lost Squeaker (GC8280A) and A REALly Great Park (GC82DB8). Bodhi just loves doing maintenance runs (any excuse to go for a walk and play!) Bodhi also has his own TB which he wears to events, he just loves people and other dogs, so he is more than happy to share the code with you.

We just love geocaching for finding and exploring new places! We recently had a fun family day at Fingal Head completing the earth cache and other caches nearby, visiting the lighthouse and had a lunch in a dog friendly venue where Bodhi met a new furry friend to play with.

We love everything about geocaching with Bodhi and the places and adventures it takes us as a family.

~ Chasingadventures, Muggle Hubby and Bodhi xox

Seeing as we featuring Caching with Dogs this month, Tim shares a little of his experience with his dog Zelda.

So Zelda is a trainee assistance dog with mindDog Australia, basically to help me cope with my depression and anxiety and PTSD, she found her very first geocache on the way home from adopting her from Karmas Place Rescue at the steam roller at Maidenwell (GC17AGD). She has been caching with me ever since, she joins me for my photos shoots and when hiding geocaches, and she is one kayak loving water doggo who can’t help getting her paws muddy when I’m out hiding evil water based caches. Being an assistance dog in training she is lucky in the fact that she can go places most dogs can’t like National Parks, so she is definitely a T5 pooch.

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Find the hidden codeword and retain it for the event. You never know why!

What’s Next

Next month we finally fully reveal the Cache QLD team, not that we’ve been hiding or anything.  We also talk about how we are going green for the event.