CacheQLD – Event News Jan 21

Just in case you missed the announcement our application to HQ for Mega status was received and granted!

This means that QLD will hold it’s second Mega event ever!  Of course with Mega status comes a whole new ball game and as we predicted we have had a lot of questions coming through to the Mega Committee (how awesome is it to say that!)

Are you getting Signal or the banner for the Locationless Cache?

In 2020-21 HQ are celebrating 20 years of geocaching with the availability of a single Locationless Cache to find GC8FROG.  In order to meet the logging requirements for this cache you must find Signal the Frog mascot or the official 20th anniversary Signal the Frog banner in person and take a photo of yourself or a personal item with either the banner or mascot.  Both items are created and distributed only by Geocaching HQ and “are most reliably found at Mega and Giga Events.

We had confirmation overnight in regards to our application for the Mascot and Banner.  Sadly we won’t be receiving the new Signal the Frog Mascot, instead we will be having the older one you may have seen around at other Australian Mega events.  However, we are getting the official banner!  So with all things going to plan you will be able to pick up this very special cache type over the four days of the event. It will be located inside our Main event room at the showgrounds from 8am Friday 2nd until 9pm Monday.

What about Special Adventure Labs?

Good news!  We have already applied and been awarded 5 Adventure labs of 10 locations each.  So, there will be the availability of up to 50 temporary labs over the Easter long weekend.  Please be aware that Adventure labs associated with the Mega have a life span of 3 weeks.  Not all will be available outside the four days of the Mega as we will have special items placed around the Showgrounds during our booking. 

We have some amazing things already created for some of the labs – gadget cache trail!  The Gadget caches will be available from 8am Friday 2nd to 9pm Monday 5th.  Depending on how they wear after the Mega they may find themselves relocated as regular caches in the months after.

Will there be new Geo-Art?

Of course, there is going to be more Geo-Art!  Dayboro is already host to three great arts: We Love Geo, Geosaurus and Pac-Man.  However, there is just enough space for us to add our own country inspired art for all the geocachers who have completed the local ones and are looking for something new.  Cache placement is already well underway, and those puzzles, well they are being deviously designed as well.

We are planning to release the Geo-Art on February 15th.

What about Challenges?

We have an awesome challenge series created for you!  With the cache placement for these in a fantastic location, best get those walking boots dusted off, as these are located on a mostly pleasant, looped walking track – there are a couple of hills so take this into consideration when planning your day.

We are planning on releasing the Challenges on March 15th.

I’m thinking of coming, are there camping spots still left?

Yes! As we have the entire showground booked there are plenty of sites throughout the grounds.  We have spaces in each of the designated areas.  Make sure you check the Area map to see where you would like to base yourself, the online web shop  has the availability level displayed so you can see if there is a spot available in your preferred location. If the sites you are looking for doesn’t appear on the main page, you will need to click into Categories and camping.

Please remember we have identified a few sites that are wheelchair/mobility impaired/disability friendly if you require access to one of these please contact the committee at to organise for one of these sites to become available for booking.   

Are the coins and pathtags going to be ready?

Our two coins are here!  They look amazing!  These two coins are proving very popular and we strongly suggest that you get in early on purchasing one or both of them.  The pathtags are also on their way and should be here in the next couple of weeks.

Can I use Cal or the Sun on my personal pathtag?

Of course you can! We ask that you use one of our approved images.  Send us an email and we can send you the file along with the approved PMS colours.  Don’t forget that we also have a CacheQLD back that you can add to your tag if you wish.

What’s going to happen over the weekend?

We have an itinerary in progress, just confirming small details here and there and plan to formally release next month.  However the following are confirmed:

Cachetur hosted by Kittykatch
Beginner Puzzles hosted by Ardom
Photography hosted by The Coffee’s and launch of the photograph competition.
Drone hosted by The Coffee’s
Meet the Reviewers with Brisbane based reviewer Jingeri

Saturday Trivia Night:
Hosted by Queensland Podcaster, Nett88. This will be a good chance to get a table together with friends and show off your geocaching and other general trivia knowledge.

Sunday Party Night:
This will be a themed party, celebrating all things Tropi-cal.  We will have a bar open on the night and encourage everyone to dress to the theme.  There will be music, dancing, decorations and just a whole bunch of fun to be had!

Sunday Easter Egg Hunt & Games
You can’t have easter without a visit from the Easter Bunny leaving behind some eggs to be hunted down.  There will also be some fun kids games to be had in the Arena.

Can I buy geocaching related goodies over the event weekend?

We are pleased to confirm that Queensland based Caching Supplies will be onsite during weekend and you can pick up any geocaching related goodies from them.  Black Cat Creations who are printing our shirts, will also be around for last minute orders and can work with you to create custom merchandise.

Further Questions

If you have any more questions please send them through to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  We do have a Facebook group and page as well that you can join to keep up with information.

May 2020 – Newsletter 05

Event News

It’s been a busy month for the Cache QLD team with plenty of decisions being made and options explored.  So let’s delve into what the team has been up to in the past month and learn about the remainder of our State Ambassadors.

Pathtag Competition – Winner Announced

With several submissions into our pathtag competition the committee had a hard time working through all the great options to narrow it down to the winning design.  After much discussion, we are pleased to announce that it was the “D’Aguilar” entry by Glenn Downes that rose to the top and will feature as one of the event set of tags.

Inspiration for the Dayboro 2021 tag entry, “D’Aguilar” features Cal looking at the hot air balloon high in the sky above the valley, the content from a compilation of tourist sites promoting hot air balloon rides of the scenic D’Aguilar Ranges and across the valleys and foothills where Dayboro lay. This entry spans more than just the Dayboro region as there are several sights for scenic hot air balloon rides throughout Queensland putting the best of what scenery Queensland has on grand display.


Several decisions were made regarding the merchandise for the event – which as I am sure you can agree is super exciting and make it all seem so much more real.  One of our main goals for the event is trying to keep things local and we are pleased to announce our partnership with a local business owner (& geocacher) Kelly from Black Cat Creations to handle the majority of our merchandise. We’ve made decisions on the shirts, (green, grey and metal) these will range in sizes from a mens small up to a 5XL and the ladies from size 8 to 24. We are also looking at caps and of course if you love a great souvenir you can also purchase a customised named car flag to proudly have on display!

There will also be trackables, the pathtag set and two geo-coins to purchase. We are currently investigating setting up the shop and expect this to be open to purchase items (including camping) in a few months.

Ambassadors – Part 2

Last month we brought you the first half of our Ambassadors and today we would like to introduce you the second half of the extended team.

MaccaMob (VIC) David is a retired RAAF Electronics engineer, and Mary a retired RN. We began our caching adventure on 14 April 2002, when we found gmj3191’s “The You Yangs Library Stash”, GC4CD3, with our daughter GeoJo. She in turn had been introduced by our other daughter and her husband, Slider & Smurf. Keeping it all in the family, our son and his family cache as Maccaholics. There have been so many highlights over the years: the very first Victorian Event, and many more Events since, hugs, meeting new friends, and lots of travel in Australia and around the world. One that does stand out was our completion of cache finds in all 50 US States in 2014. Like you, we are confining ourselves at home in maccamob HQ in what will no doubt be the longest ever caching slump, but looking forward to being let loose to meet at some future Event.

AlphaDeltaIndigo (VIC) Hi my name is Adi and I started caching in Sydney in 2013 and got absolutely hooked after attending a GCNSW Association event. I made my first geobuddy at that event. I attended my first Mega Event in SA in 2014 and after many years of attending Mega events & multiple annual June Long Weekend Events in SA, I have a broad circle of caching friends.  My favourite thing about caching is that I get to socialize with people & make friends inter-state and internationally. I can’t wait to see everyone at CacheQLD Dayboro in 2021! It’s going to be epic!

Liz and Bruce (QLD) got their first GPS in 2001.   When Bruce brought it home I asked what is it and what are we going to do with it.  Bruce did not have an answer initially but within a few months he learnt about the new game being played in America called Geocaching.  Little did we know how absorbed we would become in this game over the next two decades.

In 2004 we started a ten year road trip seeing as much of Australia as we could while towing our caravan around.  Geocaching was great in complementing our travels offering adventure, affording us the opportunity to get some exercise and taking us to wonderful places only known by the local cache owner as we passed through their town.

Our caching has taken us to overseas locations as well and it is fun.  We often seek out the virtual caches as the location will have some historical significance or offering something unique thus providing us insight to the area we are visiting.  Of course the power trails in the USA also get our attention especially when they are in the amazing deserts around Nevada or Arizona.

Talking of unique we reckon geocachers are a pretty special group of people. We have met so many like-minded people through this game and our lives would not have been as rich without the friendships we have formed over the many years. We love caching with just the two of us but what fun we have had out caching with friends and then enjoying a chat and a drink come the end of the day.   We view events as a social opportunity with geocaching taking second place.

Freddo is one of South Australia’s early geocachers, having signed up in January 2002. It’s almost impossible to go geocaching in SA and not find a Freddo cache, with over 900 hides. He spent four years from early 2013 onward as the ANZ Earthcache reviewer. His cache ‘Sitting Down on the Job’ in front of Government House, near the North Terrace cultural precinct is the states most visited with just shy of 2000 finds. Spots 2 through 4 in that list are also occupied by Freddo caches. Freddo is currently working on the Millicent Mega due to be held in October 2020 and was previously involved with Oz Mega in 2014.

RideTheGeoWalrus (an obscure Futurama reference) is also a very busy person at this time currently working on bringing us the Millicent Mega in South Australia.  Having been a cacher since 2012, his highlights have included doing the most favoured web cam cache in the world outside Abbey Road Studios, as well as caching in and around the World Heritage Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia.

What’s Next

Next month bring us World Environment Day on the Friday 5th June.  We continue celebrate the great environment we play in and this month we look at enjoying the great outdoors with some geocachers best friends, their geo-pups. (In case you were wondering our campground ALL pets are allowed). We also talk further about Cache QLD going green for the environment.

January 2020 – Newsletter 01

Machine generated alternative text:
Cache QLD — Event News! 

Welcome to Dayboro!

Downtown Dayboro – Heritage Building, Dayboro Tennis Courts & Pool, Gift Shop

Well, not quite yet.  You may have heard our announcement back in November when we were 500 days away from the Grand Opening, and that we have selected the picturesque rural town of Dayboro to be our host location for 2021.

Dayboro is a small country town and located less than an hour’s drive and some 45km north-northwest from Brisbane.  The Dayboro region is made up of several surrounding localities such as Ocean View, Mount Mee, Mount Pleasant and Laceys Creek.

This country town has a population of around 2000, but don’t for a minute think that this is a sleepy little village it is well known for its annual Dayboro Rodeo and the Dayboro show which celebrates the towns distinct country lifestyle and history. It is ever growing in popularity for visitors and families to come and enjoy the family friendly environment and stunning rolling pastures.

Activities available in Dayboro include horse riding and four-wheel drive adventures, and leisurely pursuits include vineyards and feeding farm animals.  Of course geocaching is a big part of Dayboro too, check out our previous post January Highlights for information on three geo-arts in the immediate vicinity of Dayboro.

Our home base in Dayboro will be the Dayboro Showgrounds, where we hold a booking over the full Easter period and during this time Cache QLD will be managing all camping bookings through this website – so stay tuned in for that in the second half of the year. 

• `寸렇`새수鬱
Dayboro Showgrounds – main pavillion

Dayboro Showgrounds have many powered camping sites and an abundance of unpowered sites.  In 2016 the local government committed to a 1.5 million upgrade to the showgrounds which saw new multipurpose and function facilities and upgrades to the camping facilities amongst other things.

The camp ground is serviced by two separate shower/toilet block, a camp kitchen and coin operated washing machine and dryer.   The views of the country side are beautiful, and it’s is only a short walk into the town centre of Dayboro via a direct connected pathway.  However perhaps the best news of all for those loyal geo-dogs and even geo-cats, all our furry friends are welcome to camp with their owners.

If your concerned about internet coverage in this rural location, you’ll be pleased to know that Dayboro and the surrounding locations have just recently had an upgrade to their connectivity to the internet to make it even better than it was before – although it still will be best to save lists offline when hitting the hills.

Long story short, our location is fantastic with plenty of on ground camping accommodation, which will be available to book through the Cache QLD website from the second half of the year.


Let me introduce you to someone who is an important part of the Cache QLD team.  This is Cal!  Short for Calibre of course, being that he is part ammo can.

This friendly little guy was designed for the committee by none other than puzzle guru Cully Long.  Despite us geocachers knowing him best for his book “How to Puzzle Cache”, Cully is also very talented scenic designer, graphic designer and illustrator!  When we described what we were looking for “some kind of cartoon ammo can man” he mocked this up this little gem on a plane trip in about 15 minutes!  We fell hard for little Cal and we hope you do too.  Cal is going to be hanging out with us on all our promotional material and will feature on our event pathtags and geocoins – he may even make an appearance on trackables!

Contest Time

So with the introduction of Cal made, we are going to have a little competition featuring our new friend. Are you good at drawing, designing or just have a really cool imagination?  We are looking for a single round event pathtag to be designed featuring our mascot, Cal.  The design should be family friendly which features Cal and/or highlights Queensland as a destination. It should also include the words ‘Dayboro 2021’.

Now, the Cache QLD Committee are a punny bunch of people and we have had a lot of fun ourselves thinking of Cal related puns and we were wondering what you could come up with ie. Tropi-Cal, Musi-Cal, Physi-Cal just to name a few.  You might like to incorporate a pun into your design.  Just to be clear this is not a requirement of the tag design, but if you make us smile and laugh that’s obviously going to bring some happy points.

If you’re interested go and click over to the Contest tab to see all the rules and conditions and to get Cal’s images and PMS colours.


Speaking of pathtags, Cache QLD have been working with and have designed up our own special pathtag backs.  When creating a pathtag you can elect to have this design as your back from the Give Back section.   The finals have all been approved and should be showing as an option very shortly in the gallery, if not already. 

Ache QLO 
Cache QLD Pathtag ‘Give Back’ backs


Cache QLD are proud to be keeping it local and announce that Caching Supplies have come on board! They will be available onsite over the Event weekend.  We look forward to seeing them there, but in the meantime please check out their website.


What’s Next

On February 1st we will have our post of Cache QLD Highlights. February we are ‘Leaping into Love’.  We will have a look at some of the most loved up caches in Queensland, some related challenges where collecting those favourite points would be handy.  As it’s valentines on the 14th we will highlight a few loved themed caches and the rose geo-art in Kilcoy.  We are also introducing a new segment – Kids Caching Corner.  So, don’t forget to check back on our website from the 1st February 2020.