The Committee

Well, it seems this talking at events thing, gets out of hand! We must stop talking about how great geocaching is and the great locations it takes you too! See what happens, we have another Mega event planned!


I stumbled upon Geocaching in 2016 thanks to friends facebook post. I enjoy challenging caches in terms of difficulty and terrain. I particularly enjoy hard to get to caches – remote, underwater, island, mountain, river, tree, cave and tunnel. I’m direct line in, path out. If I don’t come home with cuts and bruises then it’s not been an adventure. I’ve found over 5000 caches, cached out 150km from home, completed my calendars, including the elusive Jasmer and I’m chasing my 6th loop. I also like hiding caches and the satisfaction I receive each time someone logs one of my 300+ hides. I look forward to welcoming you to Townsville and showcasing the region and it’s great caches.


What was a little family account is now just me, with them joining in occasionally. We started finding close to the end of our six month holiday around Australia, we were stuck in a Broome and thought we had done all the tourist things, boy was I wrong! We ended up discovering so much more. Geocaching grew to be part of daily life for the rest of the trip. Once we were settled back at home, I braved my first event, where I met heaps of people and now I have a little band of regular friends with who I have enjoyed some great adventures. I have a soft spot for letterboxes, challenges, geo-art, taking snaps and traveling on adventures.


I started caching in 2016, since then I have cached in 7 countries, and all the states and territories of Australia! Not bad considering I had never left Australia’s east coast before joining up! I believe caching has had a really positive influence on my relationships, and my environmental awareness. Traveling & caching with friends is definitely where all my greatest caching memories are. Coming in a close second is sharing my excitement with others! I try to do this through socials as often as I have time for, and more recently through planning geocaching events! This is the fourth Mega event I have been involved in and they just keep getting bigger and better! I can’t wait to see you in Townsville!


I started geocaching in 2015 when I found my wife’s GPS lying around the house – an incident that she now considers one of the greatest mistakes of her life. Since then I have found over 5000 geocaches and have travelled around Australia and the world in search of geocaches to fulfil oddball statistics, such as completing my D/T loop using only micro sized caches. My geocaching highlights include collecting 1000 caches in four days on Yorke Peninsula, a FTF after a multi hour hike in New Zealand, collecting information for a virtual cache in Disneyland, and a visit to the Abbey Road webcam.


My name is Glenda and I cache as Gcoven, a name chosen by an old high school friend who introduced me to the hobby. For this I am very grateful as with my kids now all grown up, I have the time to pursue something that I myself enjoy.

Caching has given me the chance to face old fears such as vertigo and I am now keen on climbing mountains and also kayaking. I have met some amazing friends! My favourite part of the game are challenges as I love having a goal!

Eat Sleep Cache Online

Caching has been a big part of my life since the first cache we found in the tiny outback town of Torrens Creek in 2016. At the time, having just one cache in our town, we mainly cached when we visited Townsville for family trips. Caching has introduced me to life long friends and hidden wonderful places we would never have found on our own. I’ve climbed trees, abseiled, kayaked and climbed various hills all in search of caching treasure. Stats are becoming more and more important these days but grass roots caching, getting outside, is what I love the most. My first large event was Alice Springs and each year after that Easter has called us to a different part of the nation. I’m so excited to be a part of the Townsville Mega committee and can’t wait to show you around.